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The Twelfth Judicial District of Tennessee serves the counties of Franklin, Grundy, Marion, and Sequatchie. The 2004 annual combines alcohol/drug arrests totaled approximatly 2,000 people. An estimated 50-85% of thse charges are repeat offenders.

In Franklin County alone in 2004, the Department of Children Services dealt with over 300 child protective case referrals and half of these were because of addicted drug offenders abusing and/or neglecting children. Those children were removed and placed in foster care.

The number of methamphetamine labs seized in the State of Tennessee from 1999 through 2004 increased 1,063.5 % (137 laboratories in 1999 to 1,594 laboratories and dumpsites in 2004). Methamphetamine production in the state of Tennessee started in and around the 12th Judicial District, and spread across the State. From 1996 through 2006, the 12th Judicial District became inundated with methamphetamine production resulting in a high number of addicted persons.

In 2006/2007, Franklin Co. witnessed 18 deaths attributes to prescription drug substance abuse, eaither from accidental overdose or suicide.

The Drug Court Program targets non-violent adult offenders at high risk for re-offending that meet the criteria established for admission into the Drug Court Program. These offenders may be pre-adjudication or post-adjudication.

Those individuals accepted into the Drug Court Program receive an intensive and comprehensive array of treatment services, frequent alcohol/drug testing, and supervision. This is coupled with active judicial supervision, a system of graduated intermediate sanctions for program violations, and recognition/reward for compliance and progress within the program.

The Franklin County Drug Court has several individuals that have completed the program, and are giving back a peice of their recovery by lending a helping hand to the other participants.

Honorable Judge Buddy D. Perry
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 Franklin County Drug Court Background
The Franklin County Drug Court began in June 2005. Drug Court Offers a olution to an increasing societal problem. Participants have the oppertunity to stop using drugs, build valuable life skills, secure housing, maintain employment, and receive intensive treatment for their addiction. Drug Court targets individuals whose major life problems start with substance abuse.

The Drug Court staff works to promote recovery, stop illicit drug use and related criminal activity. Criminal activity related to drug abuse comes in many forms: burglary, vandalism, auto accidents, domestic violence, shoplifting, DUI, DWI, PI, assaults, and the list goes on and on.

Studies show that incarcerating individuals for their drug abusing life styles only removes them from their environment for short periods of time. Unless they receive meaningful and effective treatment, education, and life skills training, they return to the same destructive cycle.

The Franklin County Drug Court focuses on identifying the problem of addiction and dealing with it.

Drug Court Director Libby Glassmeyer
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Drug Court Team Members
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