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ballfield-1053x521.jpgWELCOME TO FMS BASEBALL
 1>Excel in effort. Give your best, 100% effort-always!
2> Hustle. On a baseball field, walking is discouraged. We hustle and run at all times! Hustle does not require talent, it requires simple commintment and desire. A team that hustles is a team that has spirit, and one that plays with discipline and enthusiasm.
3>Develop loyalty. Put the FMS Baseball Team first. Be a team player. Help your team members achieve team goals.
4>Be on TIME. When in doubt, be early. Practice/workout times are critical, be dressed, loose and ready to start!
5>Think Baseball. Concentrate. Whether in a game or at practice, keep your mind focused. Anticipate each pitch and fielding situation. Players are never spectators-when you are the field, be prepared on every play--Know you assignments. Develop a respect for the game and it's traditions.
6>Master the fundamentals. Learn the skills. To become a skilled player on game day, start by being a good practice player. If you don't pick up a bat or glove except to come to a game or practice, you will NOT get any better at baseball!!
7>Make every mistake a part of your development. Learn from adversity. Mistakes are common in baseball. Errors are part of the game. What sets winning teams apart from others is atttitude. When a mistake is made, get over it, and make a commitment to learn from the experience.
8>Value Sportsmanship. Be a good sport. Show respect for opponents, officials and fans. Most of all, demonstrate class on and off the field. "Don't embarass your Momma!"
Last and certainly NOT least>Don't let grades keep all the work and practice in the bleachers. Pass and Play!!
2017 FMS Team
Tanner Kim
Hunter Merrick
Jackson Musrock
Hudson Seigler
Jake Wallace
Reece Valeriano
Jack Carrasso
Jake Dallas
Bryce Burkey
Angus Pence
Brady Hodges
Brock Hodges
Frankie Musco
Trevor Wade
Ethan Davidson-Browder

Coaches:Braden, Armstrong, Hutson

 2017 FMS Varsity
Logan Foody
Ian McCleod
Max Devault
Parker Evans
Conner Evans
Zachary Bergstrom
RJ Rinehart
Cooper Simpson
Grant Rice
Miles Denton
Ethan Vann
Maddox Alt
Brandon Cuevas
Nick Milstead
JT Suddereth
Blake Addaman

Coaches: Eskew, Cade

2017 FMS 6th GradeTeam
Jonathan Venero
Jack Steed
Mark Underwood
Griffin Mashburn
Cullen Mardesen
Evan Toon
Barrett Smith
Caden Channell
Eli Miller
Chase Gouild
Cooper Schulze
Matthew Kilbey
Hank Devault
Jay Smiley
Andrew Mee
Ashton Sulack

Coaches: Schulze, Mashburn, Lutterman

 2017 FMS 7th Grade Team
Guy Roberts
Jacob Fields
Hayden Estes
Preston Brown
Chester Book
Kieto Muto
Jonathan Jarnigan
Garrett Brewer
Carter Musrock
Kaleb Toon
Sam Moses
Landon Lutterman
Jaxson Pease

Coaches: Roberts, Fields

Knoxville, TN

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