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Bro. Howard Kitter
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Music Leader:
Steve Keeton

Beth Johnson
Will Petus
Cindy Perry

Youth Choir Directors
Cassie Bowling
Cherry Clark
Steve Keeton

Children's Choir Directors
Beth Johnson
Dana Franks

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April 2018
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sbc_church_pic.jpgThank you for inquiring about Summertown Baptist Church                          If you would like to listen to sermons from Bro. Howard Kitter copy and past the following website to your browser, it's a little long to just type.

Our History Summertown Baptist Church was organized in August 1888. Early meetings were in member's homes, and a few meetings were held in Crane's Hall, a community room at the general store. The first meeting in a new church building was held on May 26, 1900.

The first building was a small church, having stained glass windows and an attractive vestibule beneath a tall steeple. In the belfry hung a bell whose mellow tones could be heard in the surrounding areas.

By 1950, the building had deteriorated and a new one was built, In 1976, the church was gifted with the land known today as the east parking lot, and in 1987 another gift was made of the property located across the road facing the present sanctuary.

The need for a larger sanctuary and more classroom space led the church to vote in 1986 to buiild a new sanctuary with a full basement connected by a hall to the old structure. On September 11, 1996 the church officially became Incorporated. In March 2001, the church purchased a lot on the east side of the church and in 2007 another lot southwest of the church property.

Recorded in the minutes of April 6, 1889,
"Oh that God may water this little vine with Heavenly dew and souls be born into the kingdom of His dear Son".
How He has answered that prayer!

...... OUR WORSHIP IS...
biblical, practical, inspiring, and sustaining for all with sound biblical teaching & preaching, worship hymns, prayer and observance of the Lord's Supper.
relevant and life changing. We provide learning and service opportunities for all ages.
urgent, strategic, and passionate. We are actively involved in outreach programs, have regular revivals, visitation programs, plus...
inviting, friendly, and caring. We have many activities for all ages.
practical, compassionate and supporting.


*** Member of Lawrence County baptist Assoc. & Southern Baptist Convention.
***Church office is open Mon-Thurs, 8a.m. to 3 p.m.
***Active Deacon Body
***Monthly business meetings with all members having decision making privileges
***Church supports benevolent food closet & disaster Relief Team
***Weekly newsletter
***Van ministry operates Sunday a.m.
***Active Music Program, Adult, Youth & childrens choirs
***Library - Current & Active
***Homecoming - September
***Family Picnic
***Recognizing Father & Mother Days
***Fireman Appreciation Day - Recognizing summertown Volunteer Fireman and families with a love offering and lunch.
***Fall family Night for community-October 31
***"Water in Jesus Name" for Community Octoberfest
***Vacation Bible School - Summer
***Fellowships - Several covered dish meals are enjoyed during the year, 5th Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
***The Wednesday meal is for fellowship, a night to eat out, and profit from all donations helps with summer youth and children's camp expenses.

***Preschool and Children:
(nursery through 6th grade)
** Classes Sun, 9am & 5pm
** Nursery, Mission Friends, Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors Wed, 7PM
** Children's church, (K - 4th Grade) Sun. 11 am
** Children's Choir, (K-6th Grade) Wed. 6pm
** Camps, Bible fun field Day, Kite Flying, Bible Drills, Christmas Caroling, Parties and more!

***LIGHT BULB CLUB - Preshcool thru 3rd Grade
Monthly newsletter and Bible Reading schedule Brief weekly children's message presented at the beginning of regular morning worship service.
***Parent's Day Out - Ages 3 yr - 5yr
Our Mission is to offer children a Christian based program based on a nominal fee.

***Youth Group, Grades 7-12
**classes on Sunday, 10a.m. & 5 p.m. and Wed, 7 p.m.
**Youth choir Practice - Wednesday, 6:00 p.m.
**Raised Up Ministry - Youth
Drama, puppets, interpretive movement. Meets weekly, performs for our church and others.
**Youth Ministry activities, crusades, camps, annual Youth Evangelism Conference, canoe trips, hay rides, Christmas caroling, parties

Adult Singles, all ages
** Meet monthly, with activities
Adults in Training (AIT) College and Career
** Meet Sun. 10 am & Wed 7 pm
**Conferences, mission projects, fellowship

***Baptist Brotherhood
**Sponsors RA Activities
Quarterly men and boys breakfast

*** HIS Circle - All ladies 7th grade & up
Women's support Emphasis, Bible Studies
fellowships, Secret Caring Hearts for Golden Age

*** Senior Adults
** Jolly elders,
meet monthly, activities
Community Holiday Meal, December

We have a really new website to go to you can hear Bro. Kitters sermons online, go to

I know its a long one but it is great! You should be able to copy and paste it to your browser then save it in your favorites!

Please pray for our Military they are:

Richard Ables
Barry Carroll
John Chapel
Joshua Craig
Jerrett Curtis
Brian Geering
Aaron Hammond
Derrick Hannah
Evan Kitter
D. Randy Lindsey
Derrick Trip.
Marshall Ritenour
Thomas Singleton
Clayton Vroon
Timmy Ping
Miranda Williams
Tommy Ramsey
Capt. Thomas Holder
Aaron Hammond
T.J. Rowe
Jason Harlan
Greg Madeline
John Chapel
Katie Madden
John Myers
Trevor Myers
Timmy Ping
Thomas Singleton
Derrick Tripp
Clayton Vroon

Missions to Remember

New Baby Ministry For New mothers with New Babies
Items needed for New Baby Baskets:
Diapers Wet Wipes
Onesies Receiving Blankets
Bibs Towels & Washcloths
Socks Small Baby toys

This is such a wonderful ministry but we are getting very low on the items to put in the newborn baskets. If you can help, please bring any of the listed items. Or if you would prefer to give cash, please see either Barbara Henson or Jody Konig and they will shop for you!
Boxes will be provided at the front door, and west side door, beside the old fellowship hall.

GIRLS IN ACTION MISSION PROJECT We need your help! We are again packing Welcome Baskets for new families moving into our area. We need, Washing & Cleaning products, Towels & Washcloths, dish clothes, etc. Hygiene items such as tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, combs & burshes. Anything you think we might need to put into a welcome basket. We will also be putting in the Plan of Salvation & information about our church and activities. Maps and any information about our county and the area. This is our mission and we appreciate all you do for our projects. So far we have given out 12 Welcome Baskets. Pick up a list on the table in the foyer. GA Motto: "GO FORWARD!"
Thanks in advance Girls in Action, Teachers Sue Barker, Roxanne Sanders, Karla Perry, Ivie Konig & Brenda Burns.


March 2012
9th & 10th YEC Conference
Wonderful Weekend for Women
11th Lords Supper
11 thru 17 th Spring break
17th Bible Fun Field day at Camp Linden
Friends and Fellowship

No Excuse Sunday the 25th Church Wide Breakfast from 8 am to 9:30 then SS and Worship service
28th SS Meeting
30th and 31st GA Sleepover


1st Palm Sunday
4:00 PM Easter Egg Hunt
3rd Jolly Elders
5th Maundy Thursday Service 7: PM
8th Easter Sunday Musical "Champion of Love"
22nd Lord's Supper Service

How can I become a Member?
After attending our services you may be led by the Lord to become a part of our family here at Summertown Baptist. In your desire to join you may ask, "How may I become a member of Summertown Baptist Church?"
According to our constitution you may unite with our congregation in the following ways:

1. By Profession of Faith and Baptism.
If you receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord and follow Him in baptism by immersion, we welcome you into our fellowship.

2. By Letter
As a Baptist whose church membershuip is else where, we will be pleased to welcome you into our church family should God direct you here.
3. By Baptism from another Denomination,
Any person who believes the same faith and order as we do, may be presented to the church for membership after having been questioned and counseled by our pastor as to their scriptural faith. If their belief is found not to have been in order at the time of their baptism, then they may be presented for reception by baptism only. NOTE: It is faith in Christ alone that makes a Christian,
By Statement
In the event church membership records are not available for a transfer of membership, or id you were once a Baptist church member, but are presently a member of another denomination, we will accept you upon your statement on these conditions.

You may express your desire to fulfill any of the above by presenting yourself during the invitation at the close of worship services.
We give this opportunity, this time of decision, because every person Jesus called to follow Him he called publicly. Jesus said, "Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven." Matthew 10: 31

 . Bible Study for Seniors
Bible Study for Seniors is

Tuesday Mornings 9:30 am Youth Classroom
Studing 1st and 2nd Timothy


The week of July 11 thru' 19th, 2011 was spent in mission work in Phil Campbell, Alabama. Fourteen youth and 11 adults participated. We stayed in Russellville at the 1st Baptist Church, where Cinthia and Lanny Benefield prepared meals. We took air mattresses and slept in the Sunday School rooms. Such a wonderful experience, to be able to give just a little of our time and effort to folks who had lost so much. We cleared out a basement from a house that had been blown away, built a porch on a modular home that had replaced one families original home, and did general construction work in other areas. Listed below are the people who participated.

Sam Dunham

Megan Smith

Jessie Smith

Luke Shepherd

James Kuehnhold

Laura Kuehnhold

Sarah Kuehnhold

Dana White

Willie White

Derek Shelton

Wanda Konig

Amanda Konig

Kody Konig

Sara Denman

Aline Pellizzaro

Tony Livengood

Billy Burdette

Garrett Moore

Katie Ray

Robert Shepherd

Howard Kitter

Ethan Kitter

Paul Thompson

Keith Jennings

Connie Vineyard

Alan Vineyard

Chris Kruger

Tal Thompson

Liz Thompson

Matt Madden

Kim Madden



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