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(1) In 9 years, the 2018 shelter intake was reduced 60% since the peak 2009 year (~6000 to 2200), and the euthanasia was reduced a huge 92% (~4000 to 250)during same period.

So many animals have been saved!! In 2018 about 89% of dogs & cats surrendered to the Shelter were saved.

(2)SNAP wishes to recognize and thank the following grantors for their support of our spay/neuter program:

a-Radio Systems Corporation/Petsafe

b-Monroe County Friends of Animals

c- Anonymous Foundation

d-Zoe Zardis

e-Bissell Pet Foundation

f-On Shore Foundation

g-Williamson County Humane Association

h-Maddie's Fund

3) Overall, SNAP obtains 80% of funding from Foundations and 20% locally (Monroe County Friends of Animals, Voucher Recipient donations & public donations)

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People Promoting Animal Welfare

Spay Tn

Second Chance Pals

Companion Animal Initiative of TN

Monroe County Animal Hospital

Animal Wellness Fdn - Blount County

Partners For Pets

East Tennessee Fdn

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Bissell Pet Foundation

Lost Pet USA
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Spay Neuter Assistance for Pets
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SNAPsigna.jpgOBJECTIVE         SNAP provides FREE spay/neuter vouchers to low income residents of MONROE COUNTY, TENNESSEE. Low income pet owners are the major source of strays and abandoned pets because they cannot afford the expense of spay/neuter surgery or the additional cost of unwanted puppies or kittens. SNAP attacks the root cause of animal overpopulation in our community by preventing unwanted litters. The SNAP program will significantly reduce the animal intake and, overtime, eliminate euthanasia of healthy animals at our county animal shelter. SNAP uses the annual statistics of the county shelter to measure results of our program.

Get a voucher to have your dog or cat spayed or neutered FREE at the PPAW Spay and Neuter Clinic in Greenback, the Monroe County Animal Hospital in Sweetwater, or the Sweetwater Veterinary Hospital in Sweetwater. Vouchers are valid for 30 days. The voucher does not cover state mandated rabies vaccination or other veterinary services. After receiving a voucher, call the designated Vet to make an appointment.

Vouchers are limited to Monroe County, TENNESSEE resident pet owners who meet at least one of seven criteria: Disabled, Handicapped , Medicaid recipient, Food Stamp recipient, or individual with combined household income less than $30,000/year for a family (1-2 people), less than $40,000/year for a family (3+ people), less than $45,000/yr for families with 3 or more "unfixed" pet dogs/cats. Pet owners will be asked to sign a questionnaire stating that they meet one or more of these qualifications. A picture ID or other proof of residency is required. A donation is requested, but is not required to receive a voucher.
Public voucher issue sessions are scheduled monthly when funds are available and rotated between the towns of Madisonville, Sweetwater, Tellico Plains and Vonore. Information is published in the Advocate Democrat Newspaper and provided to participating veterinarians. Handbills are posted in the 4 towns.


June 15 10-11am, Madisonville Cora Veal Senior Center, 144 College St.

July 20 10-11am, Tellico Plains Community Center, 132 Bank St, Tellico Plains

SNAP is emphasizing cats in 2019 because many more cats are euthanized than dogs at the County Shelter. SNAP vouchers can be used to "fix" all cats, including free roaming cats, barn cats and house cats.

CALL 423-884-6801 for more information.

SNAP received IRS 501 ( c ) 3 tax exempt status in March 2003. In ~16 years, SNAP has paid to sterilize more than 18,300 dogs and cats. About 98% of all revenue is used to pay spay/neuter surgery costs at participating vets where we have negotiated low cost rates. SNAP uses the annual Shelter statistics to measure progress. The Monroe County Animal Shelter began operation in 2005. The intake & euthanasia increased dramatically and peaked in 2009 at 6000 intake & 4000 euthanasia. Our program has reduced the shelter intake 60% in 2018(to ~2200) from the peak in 2009. Euthanasia was reduced 92% (to~250) over the same 9-year period. SNAP targets low income pet owners because they are a major source of stray and abandoned pets. They often cannot afford the cost of spay/neuter surgery or the cost to feed and care for unwanted litters.
(1) Provide financial assistance to low income public for surgery costs to sterilize companion pets. (2) Prevent cruelty to animals by reducing the number of unwanted pet litters. (3) Benefit public safety by reducing the number of stray, unwanted or abandoned animals that are rounded up and killed. (4) Educate public about responsible pet ownership and further the bond between people and animals.


DONATIONS can be mailed to: SNAP, 190 Blue Jay Avenue, Vonore, TN, 37885. If questions call 423-884-6801........

0.5% Amazon purchases can be donated to SNAP. Just Click on and shop normally.

98% of all SNAP revenue is used to pay for spay/neuter surgery at 3 participating veterinary hospitals........

SNAP has uploaded financial statements, IRS Form 990 reports, and organization information to the website: (search on the words: spay neuter assistance pets vonore tn) All officers,Board of Directors and volunteers are unpaid. SNAP officers and board members manage all aspects of the SNAP program, fund raising, scheduling, publicity, financial, payment, records, administration and grantor reports.

Vonore, TN
phone: 423-884-6801

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