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(1) In 8 years, the 2017 shelter intake was reduced 55% since the peak 2009 year (~6000 to 2680), and the euthanasia was reduced a huge 89% (~4000 to 459)during same period.

So many animals have been saved!! In 2017 about 83% of dogs & cats surrendered to the Shelter were saved.

(2)SNAP wishes to recognize and thank the following grantors for their support of our spay/neuter program:

a-PetSmart Charities

b-PETCO Foundation

c-Bernice Barbour Foundation

d-Williamson County Humane Association

e - Anonymous Foundation

f-Monroe County Friends of Animals

3) Overall, SNAP obtains 80% of funding from Foundations and 20% locally (Monroe County Friends of Animals, Voucher Recipient donations & public donations)

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Links Section

Guide Star Non-Profit Website

Monroe County Friends of Animals

People Promoting Animal Welfare

Spay Tn

Second Chance Pals

Companion Animal Initiative of TN

Monroe County Animal Hospital

Animal Wellness Fdn - Blount County

Partners For Pets

East Tennessee Fdn

0.5% purchase donated to SNAP

Bissell Pet Foundation

Lost Pet USA

Shelter Graph % Saved
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