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*Domestic Violence/BIPP Classes
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* Court/Probation/Parole Ordered Classes
* Employer Ordered Anger Management
* Juvenile Anger Management Classes
* Proactive Anger Management/LifeSkills Classes & Counseling
* Court/Probation/Parole Ordered Classes
* Attorney Recommended Classes

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Greater Dallas LifeSkills & Anger Management Group
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Following your registration fee and payment for classes, here's the course process:

* Your Certificate and a signed letter of completion is awarded at the end of the class course!
* All classes must be attended in person in order to complete the anger management classes.
* No individual counseling unless it is divorce counseling.
* Duration of Program: Approximately 6 weeks
* Certificates granted after required completion of all classes
* Classes meet only the basic criteria for all anger management counseling.
* Class Length: 6-2 hour sessions.
* Pre-registration paid in advance of class.
* All payments are made processed on-line via Credit Card
* Absolutely No Walkins Accepted!


If you are living with someone who is having a hard time staying in control, you both need some tools to cope.
Parents Manage Anger
Part A

Understanding Parents Good Intentions. There are four basic ways that well-intentioned parents unsuspectingly turn their children into "raging," out of control little monsters and completely destroy their own children's self-respect all in the name of love. The most popular emotional wrecking tool with parents is over-criticism. The slogan of the over-critical parent is "I'll get that kid to shape up even if it kills him! After all, its for his/her OWN good! They will thank me some day!"
 Parents Manage Anger
Part B

The child (victim) of the over-critical parent's "good intentions" soon starts to feel that he or she just can't do anything right! Whenever he or she falls short of perfection, they are made to feel they are a total screw up. And he now begins to feel that, since he or she has failed to live up to their parent's impossibly high standards and expectations, he doesn't therefore deserves their love and respect. A deep and dark feeling of "self-contempt" (anger at self) and worthlessness overwhelms him to the point of self-destructive behavior.
Part A

Anger Management- Road Rage; soccer parents go is difficult not to hear about someone "losing it." Sometimes that "someone" may be us or our loved ones. We offer anger management classes and training.

Why are we losing our tempers more and in such extreme ways? We live in a fast paced society without a lot of societal constraints on behavior. The world we live in and our efforts to keep up eat away at our internal constraints and suddenly we are so angry we can't see straight.
Part B

Anger Management for Youth: Stemming Aggression and Management for Secondary Level Students program teaches students in 7-12th grade to use critical skills for appropriately expressing anger.

Ways of learning to control anger can be found with the uses of games, as well as coloring and writing activities to teach kindergarten and elementary school age children to recognize angry feelings and expressions, cope with angry feelings, control their temper, and empathize with other children.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give a better, more comprehensive understanding of what anger is, how to react to anger, how to measure your anger, and proven techniques to manage your anger.

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phone: (214)448-3763

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