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We have now made all our lessons available in the simple Microsoft Word format, instead of the PDF format we used earlier. This makes it much easier to open and print the lessons. I also can now place the lessons in your email without them having to be downloaded.

We are also excited to announce that we now have students in 113 foreign countries and all 50 states in America.

God bless:
Dr. Woodard

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Bible Correspondence Institute
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We are offering a free Bible Study Course to anyone who wishes to enroll. The course is available by email in Microsoft Word Format. I can send the lessons as an attachment or put them in your email message, please designate which you prefer. There is no time limit on completion and the tests can be sent back to me by email or postal mail. Your diploma will be sent by postal mail, but can be sent by email as a photo attachment if you prefer. The lessons are sent out as follows: Courses 1 through 3, then Courses 4 through 7 are sent. A grade of at least 70 is required to pass, however, one can retake the tests one time in order to continue their lessons. If you are interested in enrolling or need more information, please contact me at my email address,, using your own email, or by using the reply box at the bottom of this page. When you type in the required information in the reply box, make sure I have your postal mailing address typed in exactly as you want it on your record. Your name will be placed on your diploma as on your student record.

The Bread Of Life International
Bible Correspondence Institute
Dr. Johnny Woodard
P.O. Box 334
Kirbyville, Texas 75956


God bless:
Dr. Johnny Woodard-President

There are 7 lessons books on the following subjects:

Course 1 - Salvation
Course 2 - The New Testament Church
Course 3 - The Holy Spirit
Course 4 - Satan
Course 5 - Prayer
Course 6 - Death And Judgment
Course 7 - Soulwinning

Courses 1 through 6 have tests to be taken. Course 7 is a soulwinning course and there are no tests in it. It is for informational purposes and contains several soulwinning lessons, as well as hundreds of illustrations helpful in soulwinning or preaching and teaching. The lessons are in outline form and all the KJV scriptures are in the lessons.

A diploma is given upon successful completion of all the required tests. A grade of at least 70 is required to pass a course test. If a student averages less than 70 on any set or sets of course tests, they can retake the tests one time, in order to continue to their next lessons and receive their diploma.


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