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Club Advisor:
Dr. John Gorman
Tega Zoma
Heidi Gerke
James Hood
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Open Position
Publicity Chair:
Krasi Shapkarova
SGA Rep:
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University of Houston-Clear Lake



The Literature Club

Article I – Organization

Section A

The student organization shall be known as The Literature Club. This club is not affiliated with any national organization

Section B

The Literature Club will be governed by the rules for student organizations set forth in the UHCL Student Life Office’s Student Organization Handbook.

Section C

The Literature Club is an equal opportunity organization. The Literature club will treat all people equally regardless of age, creed, disability, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, parental status, race, political belief, or sexual orientation.

Article II – Purpose and Objectives

Section A

The purpose of this organization is to establish a network for people who share an interest in literature and increase overall understanding of the discipline of literature as a whole.

Section B

The objective of this organization is to explore the ways in which literature, in all its forms, influences, informs, and shapes our view of the world.

Article III – Membership

Section A

Membership in this organization is open to UHCL faculty, staff, students, and alumni, of all disciplines, as well as any member of the community, who are interested in promoting literary ideals. The non-UHCL student members cannot outnumber the UHCL student members."

Section B

There is no organized initiation ceremony at this time.

Section C

Dues are $10.00 annually. Waivers of dues are available with the sanction of two officers or one officer and the faculty advisor.

Section D

Voting rights are granted to all active members at the time of the vote.

Article IV – Officers

Section A

Officers must be enrolled at UHCL.

Section B

The officers of this organization will consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. An SGA representative may be appointed by the president.

Section C

The duties of the officers of this organization are to promote and sustain the goals of The Literature Club, which include, but are not exclusive of the following specific duties:

President: To lead the club and its members in action and organization; to call and conduct business meetings, events, fundraisers, and other functions; to represent the organization at the university functions; to appoint committee chairs; to initiate events; to oversee activities and events; to delegate jobs and work accordingly.

Vice-President: to supervise events an activities, to act as President pro tempore when President is unable to attend a meeting or function, to organize and arrange publicity for all club events and functions, and to keep the club as visible as possible to the UHCL community.

Treasurer: To collect and keep track of all membership dues and club funds, to deposit all funds into the club account, to perform bank reconciliations, prepare and present a report on club finances to the officers the first week of every month, and prepare and submit the annual club financial reports.

Secretary: To send communications to membership, to record minutes of meetings, to assist with flyers, chalkings, publications, and other forms of publicity, to keep files and other paperwork associated with club activities.

Student Government Association (SGA) Representative: To represent The Literature Club at SGA meetings and provide a report to the officers of the club.

Publicity Chair: To prepare and distribute advertisement for club events in the form of fliers, chalkings, press releases, online events coordination, class announcements, etc.

Section D

The Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and SGA representative may function as committee chairs or members.

Section E

The officers of this organization shall be elected by a majority vote from the active membership present at the last meeting of May of each academic year. Special votes may be held at any time to fill positions vacated.

Section F

If an officer steps down or is unable to fulfill his or her duties of office, the position will be filled by one of the current officers until an election can be held.

Section G

Each term will last until the following regular election in May.

Section H

A member may hold unlimited consecutive terms if voted back into office.

Section I

All meetings in which voting will occur will be publicized for two (2) weeks before the meeting and vote are held.

Section J

Ballots for any voting can be cast prior to a meeting in which a vote occurs, provided the ballots are signed by the member and hand delivered to an officer.

Section K

Votes via email may be held if each member is notified of the vote and given the opportunity to vote in person or via written ballot.

Section L

Voting by proxy can be cast if the proxy paper is signed by the active member and brought to the vote by the proxy. The proxy must also be an active member.

Section M

An officer may be removed from office by a majority of votes by active members present at any publicized meeting.

Article V – Committees

Section A

Committees will be formed as needed.

Section B

The President will appoint committee chairs. Committee positions will be filled on a volunteer basis.

Article VI – Meetings

Section A

Regular meetings of this organization shall be held at least once a month. Regular meeting days and times will vary according to the needs of the members.

Section B

Any officers may call a special meeting at any time.

Section C

A meeting of three (3) or more active club members is required to conduct official business. One of the three members must be either the President or Vice-President.

Section D

The program at regular meetings shall be as follows:

1. Open meeting
2. Business:
a. Old Business
b. New Business
3. Special announcements
4. Club work or activities
5. Adjourn meeting

Article VII – Advisors

Section A

Although Advisors are not required for recognition, this club shall have an Academic Advisor.

Section B

The advisor shall be selected by majority vote of a secret ballot of the active membership.

Section C

The Advisor’s duties and responsibilities will be to act as organization advisor and liaison to the university.

Section D

The term of Faculty Advisor shall be one (1) year.

Section E

Advisors may serve unlimited consecutive terms.

Article VIII – Amendments

Section A

The constitution may be amended at any meeting by a majority vote of the active members present.

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