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June 2018
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Members List:

Jack Copsey
Committee Chair:
Bill Sullivan
Advancement Chair:
Tammy Christopher
Joey Dollak
Fishing Derby:
Tammy Christopher



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Merit Badge Info
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Merit badges fall into two categories: those that are required for the rank of Eagle Scout and those that are not. Boys can earn merit badges at any time once they are members of the troop. To become an Eagle Scout, a total of 21 merit badges must be earned, including 13 required merit badges.


Obtain Merit Badge Card
Ask an adult for a blue "Application for Merit Badge" card and then fill out the front of the card.

Contact Scoutmaster for Approval The Scoutmaster will either approve or disapprove starting the merit badge. While it is rare that a Scout is not approved, age, merit badge requirements, and counselor availability may be a factor in the Scoutmaster's decision. During this time, the Scoutmaster may suggest a counselor or assist in locating one. The troop maintains a list of merit badge counselors who are authorized to sign off on all Eagle-required merit badges and many others. Many of the counselors have special training or a professional background in the field of the merit badge they counsel. They can provide insight and answer questions that may not be covered in the booklet.

Obtain Merit Badge Book
The Scout should now obtain a merit badge booklet for the merit badge he plans to take. The troop library has many of the booklets the Scout may borrow. A Scout may also obtain one at a Scout shop. For the latest and greatest about merit badge requirements and assistance, go to www.meritbadge.com.

Contact a Merit Badge Counselor
Before beginning the merit badge requirements, the Scout must contact the merit badge counselor for an initial meeting to go over the requirements of the badge. The counselor will answer questions and explain what is expected.

Earn the Badge
It's now up to the Scout to earn the badge by satisfying the requirements stated in the booklet. The parents or other adults cannot do the requirements for him!

Complete the Blue Card
Upon completing the requirements, the counselor will sign the blue card and return two parts of it to the Scout who will keep one part for his records and turn in one part to the troop advancement chair. The counselor will also keep one part for his or her record. The Scoutmaster also has to sign off on the completion of the merit badge.

Merit Badge Presentation
Your merit badge will be presented at the next court of honor.

BSA policy will not allow merit badge counselors to alter the requirements of a merit badge. Scouts should do no more and no less than what the requirements ask for. It is the responsibility of the Scout to meet the requirements and to contact the counselor when needed.

When a Scout is awarded his patch and card at a court of honor, the Scout should keep the card in a safe place as a record of his achievement. This is important during documentation procedures to earn the rank of Eagle.

You should NEVER be alone with a merit badge counselor.It must be noted that a merit badge counselor should never be alone with a Scout. This is for the protection of the adult and of the Scout.

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