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License Exams
The next scheduled license exam time is June 2, 2018. Contact John Laur K5IT at the link below to save a seat. Testing is offered through Laurel VEC.

May 2019
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Club Officers

K5OPI, Kim Opitz
Vice President:
WR9B, Robert Bruse
KG5NWD, Melinda Koster
Testing Coordinator:

K5IT, John Laur
Repeater Trustee:
WA8YYE, Dan McCabe
Van Committee Chairman:
KG5NWE, Mark Koster


PARC Facebook

ARRL WebPage

Duke City Hamfest


Caprock Intertie

Panhandle ARES

New Mexico Mega-Link

N1YZ's HF Net Listing

Events & Activities
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Licensing Classes & Exams

Local Volunteer Examiners hold license Exams following each club meeting. If you are interested in setting for a test, contact John Laur, K5IT, before the meeting. Periodically, licensing classes are held. Contact one of the club officers for information and follow this web site for updates. Testing is offered through the Laurel VE Program.

PARC Club Meeting Programs and Presentations

Programs are needed for PARC meetings. Anyone wishing to volunteer to present a program please contact Robert WR9B about scheduling one. Watch this site for news about upcoming programs and events.

Panhandle Amateur Information Net (PAIN)

Please join the group every Sunday evening at 8pm. All area radio amateurs are invited to check-in to the net. It is the place to exchange social, technical equipment available for sale or trade and any other information or comments on your mind. We meet on the 146.940 W5WX repeater.

PARC 2m Morning Net

Grab a cup of coffee and check-in to PARC 2M Morning Net on 146.940 weekdays -- 10:00 am to 11:00 am.


All interested in preparing for community service and emergency communications training are invited to check into the new PARC ERS Net on the Caprock Intertie (444.200 +5 88.5 PL Tone in Amarillo) every Thursday night -- 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Breakfast/Lunch Fellowship Opportunities are listed on our companion website

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