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June 2019
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Officer List:

George Camarena
First Vice:
Paul Sevy
Second Vice:
Don Raymond
George Strutzel
Finance Officer:
CJ Iacona
Srgt. At Arms:
Stephen Meyer
Mike Taylor
Ross Weaver
Aux. Pres.:
Judy March
Aux. Vice:
Karen Sevy
Aux. Chaplin:
Kathy Kelly
Aux. Sec.:
Maria Bishop
Past Commander:
Bob Kelly

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IMG_0722.JPG.jpgWelcome to our website          We would like to welcome you to our new website. I have been very busy lately but had a chance to update a little. There are many things to know about your American Legion. Maybe we can help you learn a little on this site. The American Legion is here for you whether you are a veteran or active duty.

We will be at Peach Days in Hurricane Utah Labor Day weekend. Come help us raise money for our projects and help the Family readiness group for the 213 and the 222 National Guard Units.

Annual Fundraiser 

Help us “Support Our Military”

American Legion SunRiver Post #142 of Saint George Utah would like you to join us for our 2nd annual “Support Our Military” baseball game.

The game was GREAT!!! The boys won 9 - 8 over the 222 National Guard members. The men gave the boys a some competition this year. We collected just over $1000.00. The money will help us send care packages to the Deuce during their deployment. We will be doing other events to help raise more funds.

There are more pictures on our facebook page..




We had a lot of advertising and raffle prizes this year. We also had the Patriot Guard Riders help us with the opening ceremony. Check out the video on youtube our channel, Sunriver 142. The opening ceremony was fantastic.The Utah Patriot guard Riders did a great job helping us with this event.I can not just say Utah we had a PGR member from Denver here for this.

We would like to thank the following sponsors: Pepsi Bottling Co. , RMC Foods, Blue Bunny, SunRiver Golf Course, Riverwalk Grill, Red Robin, Tropic Ice, Turnbow Sign, Golden Coral, Bella Maria Pizzeria, Cherry Creek Radio, Canyon Media, The Independent, The Senior Sampler, and One For The Money Financial.

A Message from Our Adjutant
Welcome to American Legion SunRiver Post 142 website:

Let me tell you a little about our post and what we do. Our Post was chartered in 2008, we are a young post. We are located in the community of SunRiver in St. George Utah. We work with veterans and their families where ever we are needed, not just our hometown.

Make sure you visit our pages on this site, there are quite a few but it will give you some insight as to our mission.

Baseball – Our post sponsors a fantastic group of young men who are members of a local traveling tournament team. They are 12 and 13 years old and some of them are on little league teams as well. We have pictures and newsletters on here related to the team. Our boys played a game with our local National Guard unit to help us with a fundraiser and will do so again in April of 2011.

We plan to sponsor a dance group in the future. We have other groups we are looking at to sponsor in the arts field.

We participate in local parades and events. We have monthly meetings to inform members of activities we will be helping with as well as inform members of their benefits and help them get the ones they deserve.


We are in the need of a color guard to help with veteran funerals and other events. We are still a small post and are looking for new members daily. We would like to let the younger veterans know we are here for them as well. Our younger men and women coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan sometimes do not consider themselves vets, because they are younger then what we thought of as vets before. Women especially do not see themselves as veterans.

Bottom line, we have a lot of work to do. We are a nonprofit organization and are only able to do what we have the funds to handle. We do have fundraisers on occasion but that is not enough, we need your help as well.

We are asking you to sponsor us. Your donations will help us to help veterans in need along with their families and active duty armed forces members.

Post History

Sept. 19,2007, Commander Robert Denehy, of District 7, Dept. of Utah, and his wife were invited to join friends Doug Deming, & his wife for a Dinner & Show at the Sun River Community Hall. He introduced himself as "Robert Denehy, Commander of District 7, Dept. of Utah". He.was told that the Sun River Community was a Community designed for Senior Citizen's Housing, Lifestyle, & Activities which provided their own Theater, Community Hall, & Rooms for Meetings, & Hobbies,etc. When he asked the people at the table if they thought that this Community would be interested in having their own American Legion Post for their Community, & two (2) of the men who were veterans responded, "they would join the American Legion if there was an American Legion Post in their Community."

Doug Deming introduced me to Bill Toole, the Commandant of the Marine Corp League of Dixie, who lived in the Sun River Community, & I asked him if I could put up an American Legion Table at his forthcoming Marine Corp Anniversary Party to be held int the Sun River Community Hall on November, 10, 2007, & he graciously approved, & provided a table, & chair for Mr. Denehy to setup an American Legion Information Booth. Bill toole, also made up a list of Marine Cop Veterans who lived-in the Sun River Community to contact. This was the springboard Bob needed for getting enough new American Legion Members to join this new Post, which soon qualified for a Temporary Charter Post of fifteen (15) new American Legion Members. Bob then contacted the Builder of the Sun River Community Complex, who put him in-touch with the Home Owners Assoc., who then set him up with an opportunity to make an "American Legion Presentation" to the Board of Trustees, who then unanimously approved, & supported the endeavors to establish an American Legion Post for the Sun River Community.


January, 22, 2008 a Temporary Charter of The American Legion from National Headquarters, Indianapolis, Indiana was issued to Charter Sun River Post 142, & approved by the Dept. of Ut. We have received a Certification that the National Executive Committee of the American Legion, hereby granted a Charter to Carl J. Allen, Doug (Alfie) Deming, Bill Toole, Tom Cover, Carl P. Kulyk, George S. Bishop, Robert Drabeck,Lonnie Adkins, Frank Cholewa, Larry McGhee, Don Ericson, Will B. Johnstone, Ralph Baarz, JosephNowak, Andrew Schafer, Larry Lythgoe, Donal J. Cier,& John N. Krupicka. All of the above names are our Charter Post Members for the formation of a Post of the American Legion at St. George, Ut., Dept of Utah under the name of Sun River Post 142.

Since the American Legion issued our Temporary Charter the latter part of January 2008, we have been able to more than double our membership in less than three (3) months. So far, I have been able to average one (1) new American Legion for every ten (10) Sun River residents that I have contacted.We now have nearly 100 members.


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