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A Child's Place Preschool
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aboutour.gif A quality social, educational and growing experience!

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Welcome to A Child's Place Preschool's website! A Child's Place Preschool was established in 1969. The preschool meets at Galilee United Methodist Church in Sterling, Virginia. We are operated by Director Gayle Massey who is supported by a team of dedicated teachers and teacher assistants. You can reach us at 703-421-2939.

Going to school for the first time is one of the most important milestones in a child's life. We will do all we can to help make this experience a very positive one for both you and your child. In an atmosphere of acceptance and respect, your child is encouraged to grow emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually.

A Child's Place Preschool offers developmentally appropriate Early Childhood Education curricula based on the guidelines established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Teachers also utilize Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Comprehensive Standards for Four-Year-Olds in developing curriculum and planning classroom activities. Download the Virginia's Foundation Blocks document here. Go to the Curriculum Overview page for further information.

Current Programs 2014-2015
Ages: 2 1/2, 3, 4, 5 year-olds and Junior Kindergarten Programs: 2, 3, 4, 5 mornings per week

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon September May

NEW ~ Optional Enrichment Programs...Mondays & Wednesdays... 12 noon - 1:30pm
Optional Stay & Play sessions...Tuesdays & Thursdays... 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Monthly sign-up...additional fee

Preschool Assembly: Under the Sea!

Mr. Wilson is telling us all about ocean life! The conch shell trumpet is loud!

How does a sea snail feel? The sea star has many feet!

Mr. Wilson is showed us how to pet a shark. The sea turtle will eat jellyfish for lunch!

The Beekeeper visits A Child's Place Preschool!

Beekeeper Pastor Snead brought a honeycomb with bees (in a sealed clear plastic container!)
so the students could observe bee behavior, compare the types of bees
and learn about how honey is made.

The beekeeper is ready to visit the beehive.

The beekeeper is showing the honeycomb to the students.

Thank you Pastor Snead!

Sterling Fire Department visits A Child's Place Preschool!

We learned about fire safety.

This is a fire man ready to help others.

The fire truck is ready too!

Learning experiences at A Child's Place include:
  • Listening, singing, sharing, and talking
  • Exploring the use of creative materials
  • Emerging literacy activities
  • Manipulating and classifying objects and materials
  • Building with blocks
  • Dancing and playing musical instruments
  • Cooking and tasting foods
  • Investigating with sand and water
  • Using props and costumes in dramatic play
  • Climbing, running, jumping, and riding outdoors
  • Planning and enjoying field trips

  Sample Classroom Schedule

9:00-9:15 Greetings and planning for the day
9:15-10:00 Activity Period: work and centers
10:15-10:30 Snack
10:30-10:40 Quiet Time (resting, reading, listening to music, etc.)
10:40-11:10 Outdoor Play
11:10-11:30 Group Meetings: discussions, stories, fingerplays, songs, etc.
11:30-11:45 Music & Movement
11:45-11:55 Review the day; prepare to say good-bye

Please email us directly at ACPP (at)

Sterling, VA
phone: 703-421-2939

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