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Our Lions Club meets at the LA VILLA Restaurant, 8109 Timberlake Rd., with Social Hour at 6:30pm, and the meeting to start at 7:00pm.

June 2018
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2017/2018 Officers & Members:

John Thilking
1st Vice President:
Pat Mullett
2nd Vice President:
Helen Mueller
Past President:
Bill Wilson
Helen Mueller
Jerry Houck
Board Member:
Bob Jenks
Mac McGlothlin
Terry Briceland
Ron Short
Jeff St. John
Brenda Torre
PDG Ray Mueller
Lion Tamer:
Lee Spradlin
Tail Twister:
PDG Ray Mueller
Kathy Baer
Ron Cheatham
Tom Davis
Helen Dudley
Bill Hadden
Mitch Sr. Hooper
Ken Horton
Eleanor Huntley
Carolyn McCartney
Paula Mills
Bob Morrison
Wade Parker
Carolyn Phelps
Nadine Short
Frank Whitten
Terry Wood
Rusty Wood
Gary Woodson

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centennial_logo.jpgDistrict 24B - Club # 9183
Lynchburg, VA  

Lions Brooms for Sale

Brooms are always for sale at our fund fundraisers. We sell the large patio broom, the lighter purple handle broom and the Hearth broom. If you would like to buy one you can contact any Lion’s club member for a broom.

We also have brooms available at all times at the following locations:

  • Kwik As A Wink Cleaners in the Fort Hill Shopping Center
  • A Plus Barber Shop in the Waterlick Shopping Center
  • Lynchburg Computers on Timberlake

    Beacon now Available on this Website

    The Beacon can now be read online at this website. Just Click on the Beacon Link on the left and follow instructions.

    FREE Vision & Screenings

    Do you have a group or event coming up? If so, we would love to set up a time to do sight and hearing screenings. If interested, please contact Bill Wilson or any lion club member for more information and available dates and times.

    Davis Belowe Christmas Pary AGAIN

    The Davis Balowe Christmas party was a rousing success again this year. As you can see both the volunteers and the Children had a great time. Thanks to everyone in the club for helping.

    Recognizing our Treasurer

    We have a great admiration for our Treasurer, Lion Jerry Houck, who keeps us up to date with his treasurer reports. Because of his outstanding work he is presented with an award from Lion International. Great job Jerry. We really appreciate all you do for our club.

    Diabetes Awareness

    We had a great speaker at our last meeting, Lion Artrelle Spicely, RN – District Cahir on Diabetes Awareness. It is so easy to think you might know all you need; but a program like this lets you know there is always more to learn.

    We really appreciated Lion Artrelle for coming clear from Richmond area, talking with us and then she had to go back for work that night. Thanks so much.

    Tab, tabs, everywhere

    One of the very great things to do as a Lion is to help others. In keeping with this philosophy, Lion Bob Jenks is collecting can tabs. So if you open a can of pop, a can of soup or even a can of pet food, be sure to save the tab on top of the lid and when you have a number of them, give to Lion Bob.

    All tabs are being donated to the Ronald McDonald house in Roanoke where they turn them in for money to help the kids and families at the Ronald McDonald house. Keep on saving them. Here is a picture of just a small portion of the total tabs already donated.

    Delivering Toys

    Thanks to Lions Paula, Lee. Jeff and Bill for delivering toys to the Domestic Violence Shelter and Jubilee Family Center

    This is such an important way to help our community.

    Also thanks to Lion Lee for taking the pictures and sending them to me so I could put on the web.

    Help The Toy Collection

    The Brookville-Timberlake Lions Club has received its first donations for our 2017 toy collection. The toy collection is an on-going club project and we are in our 2nd year of this project. Last year we collected enough toys to serve 7 agencies including Gleaning For the World, Jubilee Center, The Boys and Girls Club, Salvation Army Shelter, The Angel Tree, and the Marines. This year we are also hoping to serve some group homes and adult agencies.

    We need both new and gently used toys for this project. Please consider making a ‘Christmas in July’ (or August or September) donation by purchasing an educational toy. Walmart, Toys Are Us, and other local stores carry many reasonable priced education toys. Please let grandchildren, neighbors, local scout troops, and members of your church know that we are collection toys for distribution by our Lions Club. Look around your house – Do you have family movies, a baseball glove, a badminton set, binoculars, books (books on animals, places in the world, computers, etc.) that you no longer need and would like to donate to a good cause? These items do not need to be new and I would be glad to do the cleaning. Toys can be brought to our Lions Club meetings, dropped at my house, or I can arrange to pick them up.

    Thank you for all the help given by all of you with the toy collection for 2016. Thank you Lions for your generous help again this year.

    Lion Paula Mills Phone 434-845-2244

    Club Activities

    Lion President Jerry Houck reminded us of the current club sponsored activities. These are:
  • (1) Blood drives
  • (2) collection of can tabs
  • (3) clothing collections
  • (4) collection of non-perishable food items
  • (5) toy collections
  • (6) donations for Gleaning for The World.

    A few Coordinators have been identified; but more are needed. Please support the club by helping with these activities.

  • How Do You Join Lions?

    Lions Club Membership is by Invitation Only. If you know someone in a Lions Club, tell them that you are interested in becoming a member, and ask what you should do.

    The Lions Member should invite you to a dinner meeting of the Club, where you can meet the members, and have a free meal. If you are still interested in joining, your Lion friend will provide you with an application to be filled out.

    When the application is filled out, give it back to your Lion friend, and he will sponsor you as a member. The application is given to the Board of Directors for approval, and that's it.

    You will receive Lions Orientation, and then be inducted into membership. If you don't have any Lion friends that you know of, call:


    Leave a message, and someone will call you back to talk to you about Lions.

    Eyeglass Recycling Center in Farmville

    Brookville Timberlake Lions delivered glasses to the Farmville Eyeglass Recycling Center for scoring and sorting of eyeglasses to be used as needed at other Health Fairs around the world.

    The Brookville Timberlake Lions schedule the 4th Saturday of the month to deliver the glasses that are collected during the month, and to work at the Recycling Center in Farmville.

    Have Fun, and Inspirational Message

    Check out the "Have Fun" page and the "Inspirational Message" page by clicking on the Links in left panel. On the "Have Fun" page you can hear about the 80 year old lady's 4th marriage.

    When you click on the "Inspirational Message" page, you will be moved when you view this video produced by a 15 year old girl. You Tube has already scored more than 3 million hits on this video.

    There is also a Lifespan Calculator that could tell you if you run out before your money does.

    Dates to Remember:

    • Jan 20 – VLERCCV Board Meeting & Jan Eyeglass Recycling – 10 am – 3 pm – United Methodist Church – Farmville
    • Jan 20 – VLERCCV Board Meeting & Jan Eyeglass Recycling – 10 am – 3 pm – United Methodist Church – Farmville
    • Jan 27 - Hearing Foundation and LOVF Board meeting - UVF Medical Complex - Riggs, Aud 2nd Fl - Charlottesville
    • Jan 27 – Signing of Vietnam Peace Accord in 1993
    • Feb 1 - Lions meeting at LaVilla - 6:30 pm Social - 7 pm meeting.
    • Feb 1 – National Freedom Day
    • Feb 2 – Groundhog Day
    • Feb 8 – Board Meeting @ Legecy – 7:00 pm
    • Feb 9 & 10 - Districts B & D Joint Winter Conference - Colonial Heritage Club - 6500 Arthur Hills Dr, Williamsburg
    • Feb 10 - 3rd District Cabinet Meeting - 2-4 pm - Colonial Heritage Club - 6500 Arthur Hills Dr, Williamsburg
    • Feb 12 – Lincoln’s Birthday
    • Feb 14 – St. Valentine’s Day
    • Feb 14 – Ash Wednesday
    • Feb 15 - Lions meeting at LaVilla - 6:30 pm Social - 7 pm meeting.
    • Feb 19 – President’s Day
    • Feb 20 - 3rd R1Z1 Meeting - Host: Amherst Country Lions Club - more information coming
    • Feb 22 – Washington’s Birthday
    • Feb 27 – World Spay Day
    • Mar 1 - Lions meeting at LaVilla - 6:30 pm Social - 7 pm meeting.
    • Mar 8 – Board Meeting @ Legecy – 7:00 pm
    • Mar 11 – Daylight Saving Begins
    • Mar 15 - Lions meeting at LaVilla - 6:30 pm Social - 7 pm meeting.
    • Mar 17 – St. Patrick’s Day
    • Mar 19 – Iraq War Began 2003
    • Mar 20 – First Day of Spring
    • Mar 20 – Palm Sunday
    • Mar 29 – National Vietnam War Veterans Day
    • Mar 30 – Good Friday
    • Apr 1 – Easter Sunday
    • Apr 1 – April Fool’s Day
    • Apr 2 – Easter Monday
    • Apr 5 - Lions meeting at LaVilla - 6:30 pm Social - 7 pm meeting.
    • Apr 6 – Army Day
    • Apr 7 – Passover Ends
    • Apr 9 – National Former POW Recognition Day
    • Apr 11 – Persian Gulf War Official Cease Fire in 1991
    • Apr 12 – Board Meeting @ Legecy – 7:00 pm
    • Apr 19 - Lions meeting at LaVilla - 6:30 pm Social - 7 pm meeting.
    • Apr 22 – Earth Day
    • Apr 27 – National Arbor Day
    • May 3 - Lions meeting at LaVilla - 6:30 pm Social - 7 pm meeting.
    • May 3 – National Day of Prayer
    • May 6 – Nurses Day
    • May 7 – Unconditional Surrender of all German Forces Signed 1945
    • May 8 – V-E Day Declared 1945
    • Feb 8 – Board Meeting @ Legecy – 7:00 pm
    • May 13 – Mother’s Day
    • May 17 - Lions meeting at LaVilla - 6:30 pm Social - 7 pm meeting.
    • May 18 – Endangered Species Day
    • May 19 – Armed Forces Day
    • May 28 – Memorial Day
    • June 6 – D-Day Allied Invasion of Europe 1944
    • June 5 – World Environment Day
    • June 14 – U.S. Army Founded 1775
    • June 14 – Flag Day
    • June 17 – Father’s Day
    • June 21 – First Day of Summer
    • June 25 – Korean War Began 1950
    • July 2 – U.S. Army Air Corps Established 1926
    • July 4 – Independence Day
    • July 27 – Korean War Ended 1953
    • Aug 4 – U.S. Coast Guard Established 1790
    • Aug 7 – Vietnam War Began 1964
    • Aug 14 – Japan Surrendered, Ending WWII 1945
    • Aug 18 – International Homeless Animal’s Day
    • Sept 2 – V-J Day, Japan Signed Formal Surrender 1945
    • Sept 3 – Labor Day
    • Sept 9 – Grandparents’ Day
    • Sept 11 – Patriot Day
    • Sept 17 – U.S. Constitution Approved 1787
    • Sept 18 – U.W. Air Force Established 1947
    • Sept 21 – POW/MIA Recognition Day
    • Sept 23 – First Day of Autumn
    • Oct 7 – Afghanistan War Began 2001
    • Oct 8 – Columbus Day observed
    • Oct 12 – Columbus Day
    • Oct 13 – U.W. Navy Established 1775
    • Oct 16 – National Boss Day
    • Oct 23 – Grenada Campaign Began 1983
    • Oct 24 – United Nations Day
    • Oct 31 – Halloween
    • Nov 1 – All Saints’ Day
    • Nov 4 – Daylight Saving Time Ends
    • Nov 6 – Election Day
    • Nov 10 – U.W. Marine Corps Established 1775
    • Nov 11 – Signing of WWI Armistice 1918
    • Nov 11 – Veterans Day
    • Nov 12 – Veterans Day observed
    • Nov 21 – Grenada Campaign Ended 1983
    • Nov 22 – Thanksgiving Day
    • Dec 2 – Hanukkah Begins
    • Dec 7 – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
    • Dec 8 – War Declared on Japan 1941
    • Dec 10 – Human Rights Day
    • Dec 11 – Germany and Italy Declared War on U.S. 1941
    • Dec 15 – Iraq War Ended 2011
    • Dec 21 – First Day of Winter
    • Dec 24 – Christmas Eve
    • Dec 25 – Christmas Day
    • Dec 31 – Official End of WWII 1946
    • Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve


    "Reach the Summit Through Team-work."


    Lion Ann Ragland, District Governor, 2017/2018

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    P.O. Box 4051  •  Lynchburg, VA 24502
    phone: 434-515-2106

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