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About Torch

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The Torch Club of Richmond

“To develop a breadth of thought and culture.”

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About Torch

TORCH was formed to facilitate the free flow of ideas and fellowship across disciplinary boundaries.  TORCH exists to breakdown the narrowing tendencies of over-specialization.  TORCH exists to foster the highest standards of professional ethics and civic well-being.

Torch as an organization has been in existence since 1924. TORCH Clubs operate in 75 locations in the United States and Canada . Each has a monthly dinner meeting, highlighted by the presentation of a paper by a member (or guest) on a topic of interest to modern society.   The free flow of ideas is encouraged. Through this sharing of knowledge and points of view, TORCH becomes a unique and beneficial experience for Richmond citizens and society at large.  

Link to International Torch

Visit the International Association of Torch Clubs at www.torch.org and view the roots and breadth of the organization.


About Richmond Torch Club

Richmond TORCH was founded in 1931, and its members have included many luminaries of the city and region. It has grown to be one of the largest and most active clubs in the nation.  For membership information, click on the link to the left.

On April 28, 2011, Richmond Torch Commemorated its 80th Anniversary.

Some of the Richmond Torch Accomplishments:

IATC President's Recognition Award for

·         Outstanding Club in IATC,  2009-2010

·         Outstanding Club in Region 8,  2005-2006, 2009-2010, 2016-2017

 Hosted the IATC Annual Convention in 1985 and 2007

 Four members awarded Torch Gold Awards: 

Art Palmer 1989

John A. Mapp 1999

Bill Troxell 2003

Anne Sterling 2010

 Thirteen members awarded Torch Silver Awards:

Bill Troxell 1990, Asa Whitt 2003, Charley Wiltshire 2003,W. Schuyler Miller, Jr. 2005, Bob Shepherd 2005, Jerry Bass 2008, Madge Carter 2009, Gertrude Howland 2009, Jim Payne 2009, Bill Reeves 2009, Lynn Dickerson 2010, Sylvia Dickerson 2010, Bob Schmidt 2010

 Many distinguished members, including:

Lewis Powell (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), George Modlin (President, University of Richmond), Gertrude Howland (100 years old)

 Four Paxton Paper Award Winners:

Bob Shepherd 1982, Leanne Beorn 1997, Jonathan Wight 2001, Art Gunlicks 2008

 Twenty-eight papers published in The Torch Magazine:

 Ross L. Weeks, Jr., “Tournament of Reason,” April 1966.

Rev. William Gold, "God Is a Mistake," October 1967.

Donald A. Coulson, "Poetry of the Bible," April 1974.

Robert E. Shepherd, Jr., "Youthful Crime Creates Alarm," October 1975.

Herbert G. Ross, "The Powerful Pen of George Mason--Reluctant Statesman," July 1976.

Dennis A. J. Morey, "Ethics of Human Experimentation," Winter 1978.

Clarence R. Jung Jr., "The Expect Effect: How People’s Expectations Affect the Economy," Winter  1979.

Robert E. Shepherd, Jr., "Have Lawyers Taken the Fun Out of America's Games?" Winter 1981.

Robert E. Shepherd, Jr., "Should God Reenter the Public School Classroom in America?" Fall 1982 (Paxton Award Winner).

Christopher M. Brookfield, "A Nation at Risk: What of Value is Left to Teach?" Spring-Summer 1984.

Elizabeth D. Mooz, "Leadership: A New Role for Modern Women," Fall 1984 - Winter 1985.

Christopher M. Brookfield, "The Divine in Woman and Woman in the Divine: What in God's Name is Feminism?” Spring-Summer 1987.

Robert E. Shepherd, Jr., "Punishments Capital and Corporal: Society's Official Cruelty to Children," Fall 1989.

Glenn R. Pratt, "Violence: The Trade-Off," Fall 1990.

Rev. Rolfe Gerhardt, "Creating Your Own Funeral Celebration," Spring 1991.

Lynn Dickerson, "Confessions of an Appalachian Tree Farmer,” Spring-Summer 1993.

William Hellmuth, "Rich and Poor in America," Winter 1994.

Leanne Wade Beorn, "When "Going Gentle Into That Good Night" May Be the Right Decision: The Case for Assisted Suicide," Fall 1997 (Paxton Award Winner).

Peter M. Mellette, "Confidentiality of Medical Information," Fall 1999.

Jonathan B. Wight, "A Little Adam Smith is a Dangerous Thing," Fall 2001 (Paxton Award Winner).

Charles Frederick Beorn, "From Page to Pasture: The Karakul and Biological Diversity," Winter 2001-2002.

Keir B. Sterling, "The Role of Secret Codes at Pearl Harbor and Midway, December 1941-June 1942," Winter 2002-2003.

Linwood W. Davis, "Latin and the Bible," Fall 2003.

Peter M. Mellette, "Poetic Relief: Creative Writing as Professional Outlet," Spring 2007.

Arthur B. Gunlicks, "Should Turkey Be Admitted to the European Union?" Fall 2008 (Paxton Award Winner).

Dennis A. J. Morey, "Aerial Warfare and the Ethics of Collateral Damage," Winter 2008-2009.

Keir B. Sterling, "A Collaboration of Eccentrics: The OSS in World War II," Spring 2009.

Peter M. Mellette, "Chaos or Community?--Human Relations Forty Years Later," Spring 2010.


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