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Membership Information and Application

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Would You Like to Join?

The Torch Club of Richmond

“To develop a breadth of thought and culture.”

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Membership Contact and Application Form


        For regular membership or visiting information, please contact: 

        Lynn Bernard, Membership chair 

        (804) 263-0721 or lynn.bernard@hotmail.com .


Membership Information

We welcome a diverse membership of intellectually curious individuals. Eligible visitors are welcome at monthly meetings.  Please give us a try!


Persons of good moral and ethical standing in any of the recognized professions are eligible to join.  In addition, those exceptional persons who may not fit the traditional professional categories but who by their demeanor, education and/or unusual and exceptional extracurricular pursuits enjoy the cultural interchange of knowledge and who perform their disciplines in a recognized professional manner are also eligible.

In general, Torch applicants shall satisfy the following criteria:

a. Have a professional degree from an accredited school or are recognized by their profession to have an acceptable equivalent in training and experience.

b. Have pursued work that requires a mastery of some area of knowledge and skills, the exercise of judgment and assumption of individual responsibility, as opposed to the carrying out of essentially routine procedures.

c. Have maintained standards of competence and integrity in their professional practice.

Finally, proposed members must be interested in Torch objectives and be able and willing to contribute to Club programs. Proposed members must be known to be intellectually alert, socially compatible, and financially responsible.

Size of Richmond Torch

In order to preserve collegiality, the Richmond Torch Club will admit no more than 100 members at any one time. 

Dues and Fees

Regular annual dues are updated periodically based on the cost of meals. For 2018-19 the dues are $275 per person (those who join mid-season have their dues prorated).  Dues cover the sit-down dinners with wine for 9 regular meetings (September through May), membership in Torch International, and organizational expenses.  A special June meeting is optional and billed separately. 

There is also a one-time small initiation fee to cover membership in International Torch.

Application Form

Please contact Lynn Bernard (above) to receive your application form. 


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