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Upcoming Programs

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The Torch Club of Richmond

“To develop a breadth of thought and culture.”

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Eligible visitors are welcome at monthly meetings. Please see the Membership Folder to the left and contact the Membership Chair to schedule a visit to the Richmond Torch.

Regular meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of each month from September through May.).

Regular meetings follow this timetable:

5:00 pm - Board Meeting

5:30 pm - Reception

6:00 pm - Dinner

7:00 pm - Presentation

8:00 pm - Conclusion

Schedule of Up-Coming Speakers

September 11, 2018: Melissa Marion, "Four Hungarian Musicians - Liszt, Bartok, Kodaly, Dohanyl"

October 2, 2018: Art Gunlicks, "Brexet -A Disaster in the Making"

November 6, 2018: Jane Stafford, "Bank Protection - Steps to Take”

December 4, 2018: Bill Harrison, "Musings on Emily Dickenson's Poetry"

January 8, 2019: Alan Loxterman, "Frankenstein's Children: Sci-Fi Pessimism"

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