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April 2018
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Members List:

Sewell Rowley
Vice Pres.:
Charlie Noll
Robert Haas
Tom Olsavicky
Jeff Olsavicky
Ken Woodman
Tim Beale
Melanie Beale
Ann Copeland
Jim Funk
Bobby Haywood, Jr.
Anthony Larsen
Marilyn Nolan
Phillip Presson
Richard Russell
Jim Todt
Ed White

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img s.gifYork Ruritan Club
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Logo~4.jpgYork Ruritan Club of Yorktown, Virginia               

Benefits of Membership

The York Ruritans believe the most important benefit of membership is the opportunity to work in fellowship with people, who like them, have a desire to make their communities better places in which to live. The club is proud to be an organization of positive people doing positive things in our community. We take pride in the things we bring to York County.

In addition, Ruritan members receive a quarterly magazine of Ruritan news and community service tips. Leadership training and personal development programs help Ruritan members get the most out of their efforts.

Ruritan members receive group discounts from Choice Hotels, American Express, Alamo Car Rentals and other nationally known businesses that recognize the importance of volunteer service contributions.

Who are we

Community People meeting Community Needs

The York Ruritan Club has served the York County Community since 1978. Ruritan members work to enhance the quality of life through community service and to make our community a better place to live and work.

What we do

The York Ruritan Club works to improve the community through five service areas: Business & Professions; Citizenship & Patriotism; Environment; Public Service; and Social Development.

The Ruritan National Foundation provides financial assistance to help students further their education after graduation from high school. In addition, hundreds of Ruritan Clubs award annual scholarships and grants to deserving local students.

Ruri-Teen Clubs are formed when groups of students, sponsored by an existing Ruritan Club, choose to form a service club in their local school.

The Ruritan Student Program introduces youth to the Ruritan spirit of Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service by sponsoring students as members of local Ruritan Clubs.

How to get involved 

Just complete a membership application, which can be requested from our Treasurer, Tom Olsavicky at 757-898-6067, and submit a one-time $5 initiation fee. Monthly dues are currently $14.35 which includes the monthly meal. Remember We don't see strangers, just friends we've never met. Come join us for our monthly meeting on the Third Monday at 6:15pm at the IHOP at 5518 George Washington Memorial Highway in Grafton, Va.

July 2012 York Ruritan Anniversary Party

Thomas Nelson guarding the huge steaks

Members Inspecting the Progress

The Chief Cooks Woody and Jeff

Lou Showing Off His IPad

Phil and Richard Getting Salad

Sewell, Nancy and Thomas Enjoying the Party

Nancy, Teri, Dennis and Ann Conversing

 Location is Richards Club House in Poquoson

Woody and Phil Checking Progress

Sandy Showing Off Her Fruit Bowl

Sewell Getting His Drink

Our Charter Members Lou and Bill

Jim, Pam, Bob and Sheila in Conversation

Sandy being presented a token of our thanks by President Charlie


2012 Crab Feast Volunteers
We hope you enjoy your new OrgSite!

Richard Parking Cars?

Ed At His Post

Jeff and Woody In The Field

Jeff, Woody, Bobby Enjoying The Crab Payoff

Ed White After Eating A Few? Crabs

Richard Russell Enjoying A Cool Drink After A Hard Day

121 Mill Lane  •  Grafton, VA 23692
phone: 757-898-6067

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