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Events below are presented for information only. We try to post all related community parent education, adoption, cultural events that our members might be interested in. Unless noted specifically as a FRUA INC event, FRUA INC does not endorse, nor have any connection with the event.

Events listed in red are FRUA INC events. Events listed in blue are support groups or educational events. Events listed in green are cultural events. Events listed in purple are adoption playgroups and childrens' activities.

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Board, President, Grow Bag, Lending Library:
Sharon Kiddle
Board, VP, Camp Director, Single Parents:
Debbie Erickson
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Terry Mandeville
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Break Out Groups
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FRUA, INC (Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption Including Neighboring Countries) Pacific Northwest strives to serve members from all corners of the region: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska... and even British Columbia. Our programs vary from time to time to reflect the needs of our families.

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Single Parents Group

Single parents & parents-to-be, in all stages of adopting are welcome in this group. From just getting started, waiting for referral, with referral waiting to travel, and those who have been home with the kids for a while. Share support and information. Arrange cooperative child care and respite for one another. Children are very welcome at the gathering. Specific times and dates of meetings are announced on the chapter E-Group, as well as the Single Parents Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wasingleparentsevents/.

For further information contact the Single Parent Group Coordinator or a board member.

Single Parent Group

LifeBooks / Scrapbooking

We have found it important and fun to create memory-related books for ourselves and our children. We gather periodically to put together LifeBooks and scrapbooks filled with images, photos, and words - the story of our families. It's a wonderful opportunity to spend time with other parents, not only to see their life and scrap books, but also to engage in conversations about raising our children. It's also a good chance for those waiting to travel to meet with those who have already adopted. FRUA, INC periodically sponsors events at our own homes or local scrapbooking stores. We have even been known to escape for a weekend retreat. For more information, see the chapter E-Group or contact any board member.

Working on Lifebooks is GREAT!

Welcome Contact for Waiting Parents, Just Home Parents, & New Members

The complicated process of adoption & adjusting to a new life with children are emotionally exciting & draining experiences. And it doesn’t end there! Each new stage of development brings more joy, & different issues.

We offer support for parents who are waiting to adopt, families who have recently returned from adopting, and families who have been together for quite some time.

Our Membership Coordinator may contact you to offer support. Come to our monthly gatherings, post notes on the e-group, & use the directory member list to contact others in the group.

We have many members who are available to mentor, buddy, or share support & ideas. We encourage you to share your story & talk about what you are experiencing - paperwork snags, frustrating delays, thrilling new referrals, or simply puzzling or overwhelming issues. We try to help minimize the isolation so often felt during the difficult times.

As the need arises we often form Waiting and/or Just Home Parent Groups for guided mutual support.

a family united for the first time



We have playgroups for the younger children as the interest of our families dictates.

Right now our hang-up is finding dedicated adults to plan and lead this group. This could be an individual, or a group of individuals. If you have even the slightest interest in getting regular Paygroups off the ground, please contact Terry at terrymand@aol.com

kids of all ages learn to dance some Russian
and Balkan dances at our annual Winterfest and Pre-Spring Festival

Playgroups are sometimes combined with the Monthly Gatherings, but as the membership changes the group plans other play dates & activities. Frequently we gather at community center play areas in the greater Seattle area. Other times we have gone swimming, picnicked at parks, or played at indoor activity centers. The children have time to run around & participate in imaginative play while their parents have a chance to interact, share ideas & support.

playgroup kids in West Seattle parade

Anyone is welcome to join us, whether you are now an adoptive parent or in the waiting or fact finding stages of the journey. Upcoming events are posted on our Yahoo E-group. Please express your interest any board member.

Older Kids Events

Many of our events involve our older children (both adopted and not adopted) - Pre-Spring Celebrations/Winterfest, Summer Picnic, grow bag parties & more. We try to provide opportunities for older adopted children to socialize and get to know each other. It is gratifying for children with similar backgrounds to get a chance to talk to each other & share their stories with others who understand. It is also supportive for parents to connect. We have educational and supportive resources available for parents adopting older children.

We are always eager to help set up any activity for the "Teens & 'Tweens", share your thoughts on the E-Group, or with any board member.

there is always a craft for the older kids
at the Winterfest/Spring Festivals

And teens... consider coming to the Heritage Camp! We have separate fun activities planned just for you!!!

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