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Events below are presented for information only. We try to post all related community parent education, adoption, cultural events that our members might be interested in. Unless noted specifically as a FRUA INC event, FRUA INC does not endorse, nor have any connection with the event.

Events listed in red are FRUA INC events. Events listed in blue are support groups or educational events. Events listed in green are cultural events. Events listed in purple are adoption playgroups and childrens' activities.

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Contact List:

Board, President, Grow Bag, Lending Library:
Sharon Kiddle
Board, VP, Camp Director, Single Parents:
Debbie Erickson
Board, Sec-co-Treas, Newsletter, Website, Membersh:
Terry Mandeville
Board, Treasurer:
Shauna McGuinn









Orphan Support
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FRUA INC Pacific Northwest Orphanage/Orphan Support Projects!

2018-2019 Kalinka Quilt Raffle for Orphanage Support Fund Raiser

A beautiful handmade Kalinka quilt will be raffled to raise funds for orphanage support project. The quilt was made and donated by a member of FRUA INC. All proceeds will be donated to the SPOON Foundation for an orphanage support project in Russia.

SPOON is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity whose mission it is to improve the nutrition for children in orphanages with enhanced support for children with disabilities. In a past project, monies raised by the Pacific Northwest Chapter of FRUA INC purchased special feeding cups for disabled children. Proceeds from this raffle will go to a similar project in Russia. For more information about SPOON, see their website at: www.spoonfoundation.org.

The Kalinka quilt depicts 'undoubtedly the best known Russian folk song, now used worldwide'. The Kalinka story has more recently been used in films, video games, and sports. See Wikipedia about more information on the Kalinka story

The quilt measures 78" x 59". Pictures of the quilt can be found on our orphanage support facebook page at www.facebook.com/PNWFRUAINC.

Ticket Sales & Drawing:
Tickets will be sold starting at the 2018 Fall Picnic and Member Meeting on 9/23/2018 until the drawing at a FRUA INC meeting on 9/14/2019. Tickets are $10 each.

Tickets for the drawing are available from PNW FRUA INC board members, Shauna Mcguinn, Sharon Kiddle, Debbie Erickson and Terry Mandeville. Contact information for board members and information about FRUA INC can be found on the left navigation bar of this website.

Kalinka Quilt

At our annual events we usually will have some sort of fundraising for orphange/orphan support. These fundraisers have included:
  • Silent Auctions
  • Sale of member-made Life Books with Russian themed fabric
  • Raffles - including
    • professionally designed pysanky duck egg by Master Pysanky Artist Pamela Gompf
    • Quilt with cyrillic lettering
  • Quilt and Shoe sale
  • Candy Bar Sale
  • Donation Box

FRUA, INC Pacific Northwest Orphanage/Orphan Support Activities!

From time to time we have activities that the children can participate in and help give something back to their "first homes"

chapter children made masks, soap, and tote bags to send to orphanages

FRUA, INC Pacific Northwest Grow Bag!

Grow Bag funds bought shoes to donate to a "Social Home" (orphanage) in Bulgaria

What is a Grow Bag? A typical Grow Bag contains money to donate to "Social Homes". At this time we are not donating clothing or other bulky items because of travel space constraints
Who may take a grow bag? Any FRUA INC Pacific Northwest member can pick up a grow bag from the Grow Bag Coordinator before they travel to adopt from a "Social Home" in any former Soviet Republic or Ex-Soviet Block country.

Requests should come after a family has accepted a referral. All we ask is that you bring back a photo or two showing how the Growbag was used.

members take grow bag funds to buy donations when traveling to orphanages

How can I help with the Grow Bag program? Become a FRUA INC member. Attend FRUA INC events and respond to requests for orphanage donations. Volunteer to help with the Grow Bag Program. Ask your agency for the current needs of orphanages in the country you are adopting from.

For information contact Grow Bag Coordinator Sharonkiddle@hotmail.com

Grow Bag money bought donations to orphanage in Kazakhstan

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (Including Neighboring Countries) recognizes that many FRUA INC regions work successfully with other non-profit organizations, often within their region, to help improve the quality of life for orphans in Eastern Europe. In support of these efforts by our chapters, FRUA (INC) National is pleased to offer FRUA-MATCH, a matching funds grant program. The purpose of FRUA-MATCH is to provide additional funds through FRUA INC National to specific projects sponsored by qualified outside organizations to benefit a segment of the orphan population in Eastern Europe (and other ex-Soviet republics). FRUA-MATCH dispatches grant awards directly to the external organization and is not a chapter reimbursement program.

donated funds from our chapter helped finace play equipment and strollers for a special needs orphanage in Uzbekistan

A FRUA INC region may apply for a matching funds grant if it provides evidence that it has made a monetary donation to an external orphan support project conducted by a registered 501(c)(3) organization (i.e., a local Sister City program, a religious or medical mission group, or another non-profit organization charged with providing tangible support to Eastern European orphans or orphanages). Region donations made from January 1 to December 1 of the current year in support of a specific project are eligible for a matching grant from FRUA INC out of the funds fiscal year ending on the following June 30. Each FRUA INC region may receive no more than two matching funds grants a year of up to $500 per grant to match chapter donations. No single project is eligible for more than $500 in grant funds to the same FRUA INC region in a single fiscal year. If applications are received from different FRUA INC regions that support the same project, FRUA INC National will allocate grant funds between the regions on a first-come basis, not to exceed $1,000 per fiscal year to the qualified project. All matching grant decisions are determined by the FRUA INC National Board.

chapter donations helped COS to train orphans who are aging out of the Svirstroiski Detsky Dom

FRUA-MATCH does not provide funds for FRUA INC regional Grow Bag programs.

Grant requests must be submitted by a member of the FRUA INC regionís board of directors on the FRUA-MATCH grant application form for the applicable year. The following information is required and must be submitted along with the grant application:
o A copy of a letter from the external organization that acknowledges receipt of the FRUA INC chapterís donation. The letter should specify the amount of the donation and the specific purpose of the donation, which must be to provide financial support towards a specifically named orphan support project.

matching funds from national helped secure windows in the Bulgarian orphanage of Shumen to help prevent break-ins

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