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Where Health and Achievement Go Hand in Hand 

As the Physical Education Specialist I am excited to be back for another year of working with your children. The program philosophy is to develop both the mind and body through movement. Physical Education is an integral part of your child’s education that contributes to his/her growth and development. It is my goal to give your child a positive P.E. experience and to help him/her gain an appreciation of the importance of staying healthy through lifetime fitness and recreational activities. Your child will have experiences in individual, team, and group activities that place an emphasis on participation, cooperation, and success through personal goals. In addition, with the new “Five for Life” Health and Fitness Curriculum, your child will have access to additional health and fitness lessons. A key element that contributes to a student’s success and well-being is safety. While in P.E. class students need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Clothing should be conducive to movement and our recommendation would be for students to wear athletic shoes. However, if your child does not have athletic shoes, the shoes he or she wears should either have laces or velcro straps. It’s important that shoes have a back that goes over the heel and rubber soles are essential. If you aren’t sure about a shoe, please feel free to contact one of us and ask – we are happy to help out.

Physical Education Portfolios

Students in 1st-5th grade will continue with their P.E. portfolios. Each student has his/her own portfolio to help organize the contents. On "Portfolio Days" students have an opportunity to work towards earning club cards and record their progress on other skills. All students choose what skills they want to work on so their portfolio is very individualized.In addition to portfolio days, students also keep P.E. homework and other writing activities they do in P.E. class.

Kindergarten students typically start using their portfolios in the 2nd half of the school year but can start earlier depending on the students. Just like the older grades, Kindergarten students will have an opportunity to earn special club cards that are more developmentally appropriate.

Students always have access to their portfolios as well as parents. Your child's portfolio is a work in progress and shows his/her development in skills over several years. Your child will be able to take the portfolio when he/she graduates in 5th grade. You are always welcome to stop by a take a look at the portfolios if you are in the school.

Meet Mrs. Parks

Hello! My name is Cheryl Parks and as the full time Physical Education instructors, I will teach your child while he/she is here at Lawton Elementary from K-5th grade. I've been at Lawton since 1994 and in this time I have worked hard to build a program that promotes success for all children, life fitness, and making healthy choices.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. In addition, I have a Master's degree in Educational Technology and my Administrative Certificate. I continue my professional development by attending workshops, conferences, and by working with other colleagues in the district. I am currently a Physical Education Trainer for the district and have served both the Curriculum Mapping and Elementary Progress Report committees. I have also worked for both Central Washington and Western Washington Universities teaching Elementary Physical Education classes to future teachers. In addition, I have taught Physical Education classes for UW and SPU with two of my mentors and these experiences have helped me design a program for our students that are fun, challenging, and prepares them for a life of fitness activity.

In my time outside of school I definitely try my best to lead by example. In the little extra time that I have, I stay very busy with my two children who are now 8 and 10 years old and attend Lawton Elementary.

I look forward to another great year!


The Gym-NEWS-ium is the P.E./Health newsletter that is published for the students and families at Lawton Elementary. The newsletter will be sent home via room parents/email and will include important information about health and safety, what is happening in P.E. classes, special events, and other important information. I am very excited to be bringing the Gym-NEWS-ium home to you!


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