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img s.gifColumbia County Association of Snowmobile Clubs
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The official site for Columbia County Association of Snowmobile Clubs. (CCASC)

Please check back often!

.NOTICE TO ALL SNOWMOBILERS - It is YOUR responsibility to know if trails are open or closed. Be sure you call the trail hot-line number before you ride! 608-227-7433 (608-CCSRIDE)

Trails for the 2018-19 season are being put in now. Want to help, contact your local snowmobile club. Trails don't go in by their own.

REMEMBER all snowmobiles need to be registered and a Wisconsin Trail Pass is required.

Remember to always call the CCASC Hotline 608-227-7433 before going out for updates on conditions.

Join a club and save on your trail passes.


The Wisconsin Trail Pass is now available!

To order your new trail pass, go to to download and/or print the trail pass order form.

The following information will be required to order the $10 Trail Pass (Current AWSC Members):
Your AWSC member number - - the trail pass order form which can be found at,if you're sending it in with a check the WI registration numbers (Example: SN 4300 AB) for all your sleds

The options for ordering the $10 trail pass if you are a current AWSC member:
Order online through this website (tab at the top WI Trail Passes) with a cred

Walk into the AWSC office during business hours (8:00-4:00) and order with a check or credit/debit card.

Mail your trail pass form along with your check to the AWSC office through the US Post Office.

Not a member of a club and the AWSC - then you need to order your $30 Trail Pass through the WI DNR.

Contact the Columbia County Association of Snowmobile Clubs Hotline -608-227-7433 (608-CCSRIDE) for the latest information regarding trails.

CCASC Monthly Meeting -
Meeting schedule for the year- all meetings will start at 7:30 pm.

Open to all members of the clubs in the county.

  • Dec 20, 2018 - Johnson Sales - Christmas Party; Bring dish to pass. We'll collect for local food pantry. Eating around 6:30p.m. with meeting to follow.
  • Jan 24, 2019 - Club 60, Hwy 60, Columbus
  • Feb 28, 2019 - Lockwoods, Arlington, WI.
  • Mar 28, 2019 - Waddle Inn, Lodi, WI
  • Official 24 hour recording!

    Remember, trails are hard to get but easy to lose!
    Please stay off the trails if they are closed, and if they open, please follow them. if you come up to a closed gate do not go around the gate. If you do you are trespassing, could get a fine & also could cause a trail to be closed.

    Nearby counties hotlines

    Dane County 608-242-4576
    Dodge County 920-386-3705
    Sauk County 608-985-4766.
    Lacrosse County 608-782-4500
    Monroe County 608-269-3375
    Vernon County 608-637-5481
    Iowa County 608-987-2416
    Juneau County 608-562-5737 Snow conditions Report.

    Looking for Columbia Maps? Download for your planning, then stop in at one of our sponsors and pick up large map for only $1.00 donation.

    County Maps

    download Columbia County 2017-19 Map
    Enlarge to 100% to view better.
    Columbia County 2017-19 Ad Side
    Maps are available at sponsors along the CCASC Trails.

    If you snowmobile on any trail in Wisconsin, chances are the trails were made possible by the local snowmobile club. These clubs provide the trails for public use through volunteer efforts of club members. By belonging to a snowmobile club, you are helping to support the sport and assisting in providing good trails. You also have the opportunity to share the fun and fellowship of snowmobiling with others.

    For CCASC Clubs information, please check on left for more details.

    Safety Tips 

    Zero Alcohol Keeps You Safe on the Trail

    Drinking alcohol before snowmobiling or during your ride slows your reactions, impairs your judgment, and is a leading contributor to snowmobiling deaths. Last winter, alcohol was involved in 70 percent of the 23 snowmobiling fatalities.

    Join DNR in the international Zero Alcohol campaign that urges every snowmobiler to take personal responsibility for reducing alcohol-related crashes. Wisconsin conservation wardens will be handing out Zero Alcohol stickers to snowmobilers and asking you to display it.

    Here's what you can do to help:
    •Display the sticker on your helmet, snowmobile, trailer, or vehicle.
    •Choose to be 100 percent alcohol-free until after your ride is over and you're safely home.
    •Commit to riding only with other snowmobilers who are alcohol-free.

    More Safety Tips Wisconsin's recreation safety specialists recommend you take these other precautions to stay safe on the trails this winter:

  • Slow down. Speed is a contributing factor in nearly all fatal snowmobiling accidents. Drivers should proceed at a pace that will allow ample reaction time for any situation. Drive at moderate speeds, and drive defensively, especially after sunset.
  • Carry a first-aid kit and dress appropriately, Your first-aid kit should include a flashlight, knife, compass, map, and waterproof matches. Always wear a helmet with goggles or a face shield to prevent injuries from twigs and flying debris. Wear layers of water-repellent clothing and make sure you have no loose ends that might catch in the machine or tangle in equipment.
  • Avoid traveling across bodies of water when uncertain of ice thickness or water currents. Rapidly changing weather and moving water in streams and lake inlets also affect the thickness and strength of ice on lakes and ponds. Snow cover can act as a blanket and prevents thick strong ice from forming.
  • Stay on marked trails or, where allowed, on the right shoulder of the road. Be alert for fences, tree stumps and stretched wire that may be concealed by snow.
  • Never travel alone. Most snowmobile accidents result in personal injury. The most dangerous situations occur when a person is injured and alone. If you must travel alone, tell someone your destination, planned route, and when you will return.
  • You can make a difference!

    DNR Safety Link
    DNR Snowmobile Safety Requirements Link
    DNR Trail Sign Book
    Snowmobile Laws (DNR)

    Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
    Over 600 snowmobile clubs and thoursands of landowners provide over 25,000 miles of trails in Wisconsin for your snowmobiling enjoyment. All land belongs to someone so if you ride off the trails without landowner permission, you are trespassing. Know and obey the snowmobile laws. They are written and enforced for your safety. Help us keep Wisconsin snowmobiling the best
     The Future of Wisconsin Snowmobiling Depends on YOU!
    Safe Snowmobiling is YOUR Resonsibility.

    Slow Down! Excessive speed is dangerous to both you and other snowmobilers. Every trail ride is not a cross-country race.

    Ride Sober! Alcohol or drugs affect your riding ability. Save the party for after the ride.

    Stay on Trails! The trails are established for safe riding. Many trails are on private property and will be closed if there are problems.



    All snowmobilers are reminded that Wisconsin law now requires that everyone born after January 1, 1985 needs to have passed a safety certification course in order to ride on public trails and lakes unaccompanied. This applies to residents and non-residents and there are no exceptions. Persons under 16 years of age are required to attend a safety class in person. Those 16 or older may attend a class or obtain safety certification via CD-ROM through the Wisconsin DNR. Information on the CD-ROM can be obtained at or 1-608-266-2141.


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