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April 2015
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Kandy Birmingham
Pat Tebon
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Bonnie Decker
Joyce Jansen

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img s.gifWisconsin State USBC Women's Bowling Association
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We pledge the assurance to fulfill the wants, needs, services, competition, and recognition for the Wisconsin Woman Bowler.

Welcome to the 2014-15 bowling season. We are here to help your association with just a phone call or email.


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Updated 04-16-2015

We will be taking 2016 Championship Tournament reservations on Thursday, March 26 beginning at 8:00 am. The tournament will be hosted by the Central Fox Valley USBC WBA.

Reservations can be made for any number of teams.

Completed entry forms and fees will be due by September 30.

2016 Championship Group Reservations Form

We’ll be taking reservations for 2015 Senior Tournament on April 6. It will be held at Thunderbird Lanes and hosted by the Baraboo USBC WBA.

Completed entry forms and fees will be due by September 1.

2015 Senior Tournament Reservation Form

Stahl Newest Hall of Famer

Even though Shirley Stahl’s father was a mechanic for AMF bowling centers, she never was able to get into league play until she was 34 years old. During her youth her family moved almost every year for her father’s job.

Then life happened and children soon followed, seven to be exact. At the present time she has 27 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Once Shirley got into the game, she discovered that she liked it and was pretty good. Perfect games have not eluded this bowler, she has sixteen of them plus numerous close calls, 299’s and 279’s. Shirley was the first woman to bowl an 800 series in the Milwaukee Women’s Bowling Association. She posted 5 more 800 series with an 817 being her highest. She has had so many 600’s and 700’s that it would be hard to keep track of all of them.

Shirley has bowled in 5 Badger Queens Tournament winning the crown in 1999 and then coming in 2nd in 2000.

In 1999 Shirley paired with Laurie Verrier to win the Wisconsin WBA Doubles event with a 1292. In 2001 she captured the singles title with a 735 set.

In Milwaukee, Shirley has won the singles title in their championship tournament as well as an All Events. She remembers at least two team titles and three city doubles titles with one of them being in 2014.

Shirley has also bowled in the Bowler’s Guild tournaments as well as in three events in Chicago and finished third in 2014.

The Milwaukee Women’s Bowling Association honored Shirley in 2005 by inducting her into their Hall of Fame.

Shirley has definitely earned the right to be inducted into the Wisconsin State USBC Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame on March 14, 2015 in Green Bay.

The “Woman of Distinction” is an award to honor women that have promoted bowling through their service to bowlers. This year we are pleased to recognize two very special women that have helped bowlers in so many ways.

Cathy Larrabee is a woman well knows to the convention attendees, she is the one that is always walking around fixing everything. The clubs all have certain demands which Cathy arranges for them and checks to make sure everything is just right

Cathy has been a WWBA director for 13 years where she has served on most of the committees and chaired the Annual Meeting committee. Before she became a state director she served her local association, Racine, as a Director, Sergeant-at-Arms and currently as President.

The youth in Racine also received her services as a Director and Sergeant-at-Arms of the Racine Youth Association. She became a certified coach and instructor, a position she enjoyed dearly.

That type of work doesn’t go unnoticed and soon she was a Director on the Wisconsin State Youth Bowling Association. Through that organization she got involved in the Midwest Youth All0Star Workshop and Tournament.

Cathy was appointed to the Badger State Bowling Council where she served as President for 2 years. The list just goes on and on, like serving as the WWBA Hostess City Coordinator, WWYBA Tournament Site Director and Youth Leader adviser.

Cathy also found time to bowl and has accomplished some great feats on the lanes but that is not what this award is all about. She participates in local, state and national 500. 600 and 700 clubs as well as in the championship tournaments.

Congratulations Cathy!

Arlys Bourdage started bowling as a young child with her parents and brothers. At 13, Arlys and her father entered our local Two Harbors (MN) Winter Frolic in their father-daughter bowling tournament and won. It was an annual event for the duo until Arlys turned 18. The rules said she was too old to be a “daughter” but she could be a ‘foster mother’ which she did with a girl friend of her younger brother. This duo also won the event.

Her first organized league was in 1972, right out of college, when she moved to Appleton, WI and she has been active in leagues since then with the exception of 1982 when, according to her doctor, she was too pregnant with twins to bowl.

In 1995, Arlys was elected to Merrill’s WBA Secretary/Treasurer position and has maintained that position. She jumped in head first into the Merrill Bowling Hall of Fame, the Merrill Youth Bowling Association and Merrill’s 600 Bowling Club.

A special bowling event happened in 2000 when Arlys bowled her first 700 series to win the Merrill’s Single event in the championship tournament. Seven more 700’s have been rolled since then as she carried a 195 average. In the same year she was inducted into the Merrill Bowling Hall of Fame for meritorious service and superior performance.

In 2003 Arlys was elected Secretary/Treasurer of the Wisconsin 600 Bowling Club and named Tournament Manager. In 2006, she was recognized for 10 years of service by the Wisconsin State USBC WBA.

Arlys is definitely a Woman of Distinction! Congrats.

Substitute Bowlers and Tournament Staff needed 2015 Wisconsin State USBC Championship Tournament

If you are interested in bowling as a Substitute Bowler or helping out as Tournament Staff for the 2015 WS USBC WBA Women’s State Tournament in Oshkosh please contact Stacey Koehn, Oshkosh USBC WBA Association Manager and Tournament Hostess Coordinator, at Phone: 920/235-7154 or Email:

Substitute Bowler information:
1. Entry fee for Subs, requested through this email or through the WS USBC WBA, is free as it has already been paid by the original bowler. Subs are performing a service to the team of the absent bowler. Repayment of entry fee to original bowler is not required.
2. Subs receive all prize money they earn.
3. Subs may be called on very short notice.
4. Substitute bowlers may bowl in the TEAM event as often as needed. In Doubles event; bowlers already bowling on an entry may only bowl one (1) additional time as a substitute, maximum of 2 times in tournament. Bowlers may only bowl Singles Event one (1) time (either as a sub OR on an entry).
5. All Events score will include first scores bowled.
6. Interested persons may list the times they are available to bowl to avoid unnecessary calls.

Tournament Helper information
1. Positions will include Floor Supervisors and Office Staff.
2. There are shifts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from February 6 through May 2 at Shoreview Lanes (Team Event) and Oshkosh Lanes (Doubles & Singles Events)
3. Tournament staff will receive compensation for their time. The amount depends on preferred bowling center and squad.
4. To sign up for preferred shifts contact Stacey Koehn using information above.

WS USBC WBA Office Hours

June 3 through August 15 The office will close on Mondays and Fridays:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 am to 4 pm.:

August 16th through May 31st
8:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM
Monday through Friday

Office Contact Information

1794 Allouez Ave. Ste. D
Green Bay, WI 54311

Phone: (920) 406-2695
Fax: (920) 406-2697
Toll Free: (800) 660-9655

Check to see if you forgot to cash your winning checks. Maybe you know someone on the list!

Download Outstanding 2013 Tournament Checks as of March 26, 2015

Download Outstanding 2014 Tournament Checks as of March 26, 2015

  The Wisconsin State USBC Women’s Bowling Association

Awards & Services Link


Each year three awards are given to each local association for the members who roll the highest scratch series, the highest single scratch game and hold the season high average for the local association with a minimum of 48 games. Scores must be rolled in sanction league play – not tournament or playoffs. It is possible for one bowler to earn both awards. Bowlers with multiple membership are eligible in each association they hold membership.


A crystal bowling pin will be awarded to a WS USBC WBA member who rolls a 300 single game and/or 800 series. A sapphire medal is awarded for any member’s first time 700 series. ALL SPECIAL AWARDS ARE ONE TIME ONLY AWARDS and must be rolled in certified competition.


The High Average Award is given to the bowler who attains the highest average within the boundaries of the WS USBC WBA. The bowler must have bowled at least 48 games during the league’s current season. All members are eligible.


Local association presidents, secretaries, and treasurers (association managers) who are members of WS USBC WBA, having served 10 years as of the preceding season will receive a plaque at the next WS USBC WBA annual meeting. The 10 years of service need not be consecutive.


Bonnie Decker, Editor.

“Bowling Action” is the official publication of the Wisconsin State USBC Women’s Bowling Association. It was the brainchild of past WS USBC WBA president, Nancy Chapman, and since 1972 has evolved from a single-sheet publication to a sixteen-page format. It was first labeled “Bowling News around Wisconsin” and late became known as “Bowling Action.” This newsletter is published by WS USBC WBA four times annually. Every local association President and Association Manager receives complimentary copies. Subscriptions are also available for $4.00 per year or $10.00 for three years. All Associations are urged to appoint a publicity chairman to assure their local bowling news will be submitted to the Bowling Action editor. Individual issues may be purchased for $2.00 each.

Print this subscription form and send to WS USBC WBA Office. Click here Subscription Form!
Give one to a friend!


WS USBC WBA will honor local association Hall of Fame inductees with a certificate. Please send all requests AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS prior to the date of induction.


Each year WS USBC WBA presents graduating seniors from across the state of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, who are members of WS USBC YBA, with $1000.00 scholarships to be used for continuing education. Based on scholarship funds available the number given varies each year. (Forms are available from the WS USBC WBA office and this website from December 1 through March 1 each year. 2015 we will be giving our top award for $1500 and ten more at $1000 each.


Workshops are held annually in various areas of the WS USBC WBA. They are open to all bowlers. The workshops and seminars are for all officers, board members, and bowlers to ask questions, discuss ideas, and other bowling topics.

  • Want to host a workshop, see requirements here! Requirements for hosting Workshops.


    The WS USBC WBA annual meeting is usually held on the second Saturday of March and is open to all interested WS USBC WBA members. Each local association elects delegates based on their prior years’ membership. All members are encouraged to attend. Non delegates will be seated as guests.


    A senior tournament is conducted in October for ladies that have reached the age of 50 or over. This is a handicap event and divisions are based on age at the time of participation. WS USBC WBA will pay entry for 1st place all-events winners in each age division to participate in the USBC National Senior Tournament the following spring. Deadline for entries is September 15th.


    The 2015 Badger Queen’s Tournament date will be held May 3rd and hosted by Shoreview Lanes, Oshkosh. Bowlers maintaining a 170 and over average are eligible. This is the only women’s scratch tournament of its kind held in the state of Wisconsin. Entry forms will be available on our website when they become available.


    The Championship Tournament is open to all WS USBC WBA members. The Handicap event is divided into three divisions to accommodate all averages. Championship medals (scratch and handicap) are awarded to first place winners in each division. Each participant receives a participation pin and may earn “200”, “600” pins and a “700” award. A pin is awarded to any bowler with a 139 & under average who rolls a 175 game or over. A Grand Duchess pin is awarded to bowler'’ age 70 and over. Tournament plaques will awarded to participants who have bowled in 25 or more tournaments with plates to be added in 5 year increments. Years of Participation Form 2014


    The WS USBC WBA Hall of Fame is to recognize and perpetuate the names of those who have achieved “outstanding” performance and/or who have contributed through meritorious service to the game of American Tenpins. Nomination forms are available at the WS USBC WBA office. Deadline for nominations is September 15, preceding the annual meeting. Awards are presented to honorees at the Annual Meeting.


    The WS USBC WBA Board of Directors has developed an award to recognize Wisconsin State USBC WBA member(s) who has served and promoted the sport of bowling on behalf of the WS USBC WBA. Applications are available from the office or can be downloaded from our website. Deadline for applications is September 15, preceding the annual meeting.


    The Wisconsin State USBC Women’s Bowling Association is proud of our website. Always under construction, many items still need some work, but there is much information out there. All WS USBC WBA sponsored tournament entry blanks are available to be printed, Hall of Fame members are listed, board members are listed, and event deadlines with many more things to come.

    The WS USBC WBA office can be reached by calling: (920) 406-2695 or 1-800-660-9655. Our fax # is (920) 406-2697 and our e-mail address is



    USBC Women's Championships
    2015 Reno, Nev.
    2016 Las Vegas
    2017 Baton Rouge, La.
    2018 Reno, Nev.
    2019 Wichita, Kan.
    2020 Las Vegas
    2021 Mobile, Ala.
    2022 Reno, Nev.
    2023 Las Vegas
    2024 TBD - Open for bid
    2025 Reno, Nev.


    WS USBC WBA Local Association and Club Information
    Badger State Bowling Council Mixed Tournament

    download 2014 BSBC Entry Form

    Tournament being held at Island City Lanes and Lounge in Minocqua, WI from Oct 25 - Nov 23, 2014

    Have questions regarding the State 500 Club?

    They have their web page up and running. Please check us out at Link

    Thank you for coming.

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    : 800-660-9655 • phone: 920-406-2695 • fax: 920-406-2697

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