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img s.gifWisconsin Women's 500 Club
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Please send emails to The email part of this web page at the bottom has been shut down by the site, not us.

Please mail all information and forms to this address instead of that on the forms: WISCONSIN WOMEN'S 500 CLUB, Alice Woodward, E10866 Hatchery Road, Baraboo, WI 53913.

All of the forms will be updated soon with Alice's address. Thank you for understanding.

You are a member of the best 500 bowling club ever with the BEST People in Wisconsin. "You go girl and keep smiling....... we are with you!"

We are a bowling club, over 1600 members strong. If you would like to join us, download an application and mail it to this address WISCONSIN WOMEN'S 500 CLUB, E10866 Hatchery Road, Baraboo, WI 53913 with your dues.

600 Club members can also join our club.
download Application for Membership into the 500 Club THIS (MS Word file)

Download Wisconsin 500 Bowling Club By-Laws
THANK YOU, Eagle River, onto to Wisconsin Dells for 2019!

Prize Listing for 2018 Tournament

Complete Standings with Prize Fund

3 Excuses used to NOT bowl in the WI 500 Club Tournament.

1. "I don't have a Doubles partner." You don't NEED one! You can bowl Singles ONLY and maybe I'd even be able to find you a partner.

2. "I can't bowl 6 games in 1 Day anymore!" Arthritic Arms, Knobby Knees, Breaking Backs?? We feel your pain! You can split up your events over 2 squads, if you like!

3. I'm already a WI 600 Club Member." This is an EASY one! You're more than welcome to join! We are an Equal Opportunity Fun Provider!!

Want to host the Wisconsin Women's 500 Club Tournament?

Talk to your local proprietor and come up with a bid. Any and all information about the bowling center (# of lanes, lane availability, food available, parking, etc) should be included (the more information, the better)

Mail to Alice Woodward, E10866 Hatchery Rd., Baraboo, WI 53913

We would LOVE to come to YOUR town!!

Did you know ???

Anyone who has rolled a certified 500 series ever in their career can join! And that includes WI 600 Club Members! We are an Equal Opportunity FUN Provider!

Calling all squad leaders!!!

We have a NEW incentive program for you!

For every 6 bowlers you bring to your squad at tournament, you will get a $10 credit at the bowling alley to be used for food and/or drink!

6 bowlers=$10; 12 bowlers=$20; 18 bowlers=$30; AND SO ON.....

All entries must be sent in at the same time and fully paid. Ask around at your leagues....remember when you were that NEW bowler just waiting to be asked to bowl in a tournament??? THEY'RE OUT THERE...LET"S FIND "EM!!


  • 1. Minimum of 12 lanes.
  • 2. Four squad times per week-end. (Flexible)
  • 3. 3 weekends, with possible 4th.
  • 4. Early to mid October. (Flexible)
  • 5. Adequate motel accommodations.
  • 6. Doubles & singles event; doubles or singles events
  • 7. Bid must include price, description of scoring equipment, etc.
  • 8. A local 500 club is not a prerequisite.
  • 9. Deadline is June 1st.

    E10866 Hatchery Road,  •  Baraboo, WI 53913
    : • phone: 608-393-3685

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