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Class Reunions
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2006 Class Reunions
Here are some pictures of the classes that celebrated decade or mid-decade reunions in 2006.

The first graduating class of Valley High School, the Class of 1961, celebrated their 40th reunion this year on Saturday, Sept.16th at the Reader Fire Hall. Seated left to right:
Row 1- Linda(Huggins)Isinghood, Susan(Underwood)McCoy, Peggy (Eastham)Martin, Janet(Cross)Utt, June(Brown)Rice & Sandy(Watson)Dallison
Row 2- Lane Malson, Betty(Harrison)Streets, Ron Hall, Susan(Akers)Wright, Kay(Rexroad)Wood, Mary(Judge)Price & Barbara(Miller)Sweeney
Row 3- Jack Stackhouse, Edward Dawson, Jim Coen, Arnie Goodnight, Gary Dulaney, Carl Beverlin, Kenny Coen, Don Barker, Ron Cain, Alvin Burdine & Jim Anderson

The PGHS Class of 1956 celebrated their 50th reunion on Friday, Sept.15th at the Reader Fire Hall. Shown left to right:
Row 1- Lou Mott, Garry Beckett, Carole Watson Woody, June Dulaney Moore, Sue Davis Noland, Jerry Nolan & Bob Cross
Row 2- Allen Wilcox, Darlene Stroup Cross, Peggy Robison Beckett, Joan Dulaney Aberegg, Mary Dulaney Bradley, Loretta Parsons Dulaney, Geraldine Whytsell Efaw & Betty Cain Berry
Row 3- Carmen Cain Christian, Bill Sweeney, Judy Akers Groff, Terry Aberegg, Kale Larimore Anderson, Dale Larimore, Keith Berry & Jon Pell
Row 4- Donley Barr, Leroy Ross, Norman Williams, Rodney Martyn, Blaine Morris, Dick Underwood & Bob King

The VHS Class of 1981 celebrated their 25th reunion on Saturday, Sept.16th at the VHS Auditorium. Shown left to right:
Row 1- Monica Flanagan Palmer, Tammy Haught Watson, Melissa Wood, Melinda Wood Campbell, Tim Davis, Dave Smith, Aaron Williams and Mark Daugherty. Row 2- Lori Artman Ice, Karen Brown Bell, Dean Haught, Collette Lemasters Street, Glenda Gainer, DeAnn Cummings, Susie Kocher Nelsen & Tammy Holbert Wells.

The Smithfield High School alumni held their 2nd Annual All Alumni Reunion on July 1st at the Robert C. Byrd Center in Pine Grove. Shown above are the graduates in two groups: 1935 - 1953 and 1954 - 1960.

The 1966 graduating class of Valley High School gathered on Saturday at the VHS Commons in Pine Grove. Shown above are those in attendance: Front, l-r: Linda Ice Dulaney, Bessie Yost Haught, Sandra Long Odom, Linda Fluharty Williams, Luanna Belle Anderson Johnston, Leah Hood Pegg, Leah Snodgrass Goff and Sherilyn Snider.
Middle, l-r: Roger Haught, David Derby, Liza Wood Osenbaugh, Valerie Hayes Haught, Jane Bell Beckett, Renee Rose Martin, Nancy Detwyler Siegal, Darlene Ice Johnson, Larry Ice, Peggy Shreve Highley, Margie Highley Yost, Janie Hayes Judge and Floriene Fordyce Dulaney.
Back, l-r: Joe Aldridge, Walter Osenbaugh, Jim Dulaney, Jim Haught, Butch Wise, Sue Carlin Venson, John Walters, Geritta Witte Postlewait, Kenny Irvin, Jim Price, Clinton Harris, Barbara Fankhouser Cunningham, Toby Fluharty, Karen Fankhouser Morris, Karen George Harris, Diane Kocher Mason, Glenn Judge and Donnie Kinkade.

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