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  The 34th Annual Alumni Weekend was a huge success! The Friday night pre-game ceremony honoring the past Senior Class Officers was well attended with over 75 former officers participating and witnessing the dedication of the new "Norman Willey" sign gracing the Field House. Isabel Cochran Minges of the Reader High School Class of 1946 was the oldest officer participating and received a hearty round of applause. The Social at Valley High School was attended by over 200 alumni. This event is growing every year and is always well-planned and hosted by Dick & Shirley Underwood Hinerman, PGHS Class of 1955. We had over 350 alumni in attendance at the banquet and approximately the same number at the dance. Vivian Price was honored as the 2006 Honored Faculty Member and Jan Horner Johnson was honored as the 2006 Honored Alumnus. They received nice wooden plaques and rose corsages. The PGHS Class of 1956 was recognized during the Roll Call of Classes as having the most present, with the VHS Class of 1976 coming in second place. Several door prizes of Fenton glass bells with images of the different high schools printed on them were given out and plaques recognizing certain alumni were also handed out. The Fenton glass bells can be purchased for 30 dollars each at the Short Line School in Reader. They are in the school colors for Smithfield, Pine Grove, Reader, Old Valley and New Valley. Winners and categories of those plaques were: Senior Alumnus (oldest in attendance) - Edith I. Coulter Carpenter, PGHS Class of 1936; Most Faithful Alumni (those who have attended the banquet the most) - Jack & Joyce Haught of Reader; and the Long Distance Award (for the alumnus who travelled the furthest to attend) - Janet Akers Allen from Arizona. Edith gave the crowd a good laugh when she accepted her plaque and said "Being the oldest here makes me want to crawl under one of these tables...but I'm afraid I might not be able to get back up!" Three door prizes of mums donated by the Maple Leaf Garden Center in Reader were also awarded. Ed Watson gave a funny but touching speech during the "Dortha's Club" presentation. Tammy Holbert Wells, Principal, accepted the Dortha's Club monetary donation on behalf of Valley High School and Ellen Horner, a teacher at Short Line School accepted on their behalf. During the business meeting two amendments to the by-laws were passed with a greater than 2/3 majority vote. The first one was a change that will allow us to hold the annual meeting on a weekend on which the high school is playing a home football game - if they are not playing at home on the 3rd weekend of September. The first one was a change that will allow us to hold the annual meeting on a weekend on which the high school is playing a home football game - if they are not playing at home on the 3rd weekend of September.We will always choose the 3rd weekend in September if they are playing a home game, but if not, then we will select either the 2nd or 4th weekend in September. This selection will take place a year in advance during the annual meeting. There seemed to be some confusion over this amendment during the voting just for clarity, we will ALWAYS choose the 3rd weekend in September if the Valley Varsity football team is playing a home football game; if not, we will vote at the banquet on either the 2nd or 4th weekend. The Athletic Director will provide us with the following year's football schedule so those that need a year in advance to plan the trip back home will still be able to do so. The second amendment that passed was a provision that will prevent somebody from holding the offices of Treasurer or Secretary for longer than two four-year terms. We said goodbye to outgoing President Brad Highley, VHS Class of '77, and elected Scott Irvin, VHS Class of '87 as the 2nd Vice-President. Debbie Coen Lippincott, VHS Class of '76 was reelected as our Treasurer. Ron Horner moved up to President and Ruth Hendershot moved up the 1st Vice-President. Following the banquet, the downstairs of the Robert C. Byrd Center was open for alumni to visit. The dance began at 9:00 p.m. and was enjoyed by approximately 350-400 alumni who listened to the music of Focus, a local band whose drummer is David Ice, VHS Class of 1978.

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