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2007 Class Reunions
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The VHS Class of 1997 got together on Saturday, Sept. 15th to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of graduating from high school. Shown left to right: Chad Pittman, Jason Manear, Jason Ash, Valerie Lancaster Ash, Jesi Miracle Jones, Amanda Adams Haught, Tana Morris Wyatt, Stephanie Warner Anderson, and Jessi Mills.

Members of the VHS Class of 1987 celebrated their 20th Reunion with a catered dinner followed by an evening of Karaoke at the Robert C. Byrd Center in Pine Grove on August 18th. Shown above are: Back Row: Tammy Gump Chambers, Barbie Wood, Tena Rice, Jill Haught Arnolds, Lisa Hayhurst Stackpole, Sara Tennant, Donna Haught Williams, Liz Highley Martin, Jennifer Powell Archer, Teresa Carpenter Williams, Deanna Bucher Haught, Bernadette Coen, Lisa Hall Gillespie, Erin Keffer France, Kari King Coen, Kenny Kocher. Front Row: Perry Pingley, Kale Fluharty, Tony Gump, Mike Roe, Brian Starkey, Jeff Hayes, Mike Lloyd, Scott Cunningham, Jackie Haught, Kevin Johnston, Tag Lancaster.

Valley High School Class of 1977 had their 30th class reunion on Sat. Sept. 15, 2007 at the Reader Park. There were 29 out of 67 original class members attending the reunion. Everyone had a good time visiting and catching up while having a covered dish picnic and sharing old pictures and taking new ones. There are plans to have the picnic each year on the day of the Alumni 10 am to 2 pm. It will be covered dish at the Reader Park. Anyone who missed the reunion this year can plan to come next year Sat. Oct. 4, 2008. We hope to see more each time, including the ones we didn't have addresses, emails or phone numbers for this year. You don't have to wait for an invitation please just come and join us next year. They also reserved a table at the banquet. Those in Photo are as follows: Front: Cathy Nolan Scott, Cheryl Carroll Loy, Joyce Kendall Martin, Carole Snodgrass Ketzel, Peggy Hatfield McNeely, Karen Reese Fotovich,Debbie Whiteman Miller, Mark Brown, JeanAnn Headley Gump. Middle: Brent Norris, Jennifer Bosley Barker, Kristy Morris Yaukey, Kathy Detwyler Hughes, Sandy Derby, Susie Tracy Grimm, Larry Starkey. Back: Brad Highley, Tim Bates, Mike Wright, Mark Scott, Jerry Martin, Jim Stackpole, Tony Hupp, Randy Fisher, Rusty Nice, Ken Fluharty,Don Mason. Not Pictured: Terry Miller, David Brown.

The Valley High Class of 1967 was the first to celebrate with a reunion this summer. They had a great time on Friday June 29th at the Presto Restaurant in New Martinsville. They had great goodie bags for each class member and hung a vinyl banner across Main Street in recognition of the event. Linda Amos Goddard put together a nice memory booklet, complete with photos, addresses, email addresses and brief bios entitled "What You've Done for the Past 40 Years" on each classmate. The next night they all celebrated with a dinner cruise on the Valley Gem Sternwheeler in Marietta, Ohio. They also reserved tables at the banquet on Sept. 15th and took the prize for the class having the most members in attendance. Shown in front of the Wetzel County Court House are: 1st row sort of)Konnie Montgomery Blattler, Peggy Oliver Edge, Joe Henthorn, Mike Shuman, Margie Woods Higgins, Brenda Streets Willey, Joe Willey, Suzanne Hull Skrzypek, Francis Long. 2nd row(kind of)Janice Homer Johnson, Karen Martins Ice, Perry Thorne, David Ballentine, Carolyn Wycoff McGill, Margaret Quinn Kelly, Pam Hood Gunn, Bob Phillips, Betty Anderson Bonnell, Judy Brown Smith, Jenny Bradfield Dinsmore. 3rd row(maybe)Larry ice, Linda Harrison Tyler, Jeannie Lancaster Lively, Linda Amos Goddard, Janet Workman Higginbotham, Mary Pyles Kemp, Larry Weekley, Sena Thorne Pell, Rose Stoneking, Lulubelle Tennant Shreve, Gray Efaw. 4th row(hopefully)Mike Miller, Lottie Willey Powell, Cathy Sue Hall Efaw, John Workman, Bob Shreve.

Left to right (random order): Lulubelle Tennant Shreve, Janet Workman Higginbotham, Larry Ice, Karen Martin Ice, Peggy Oliver Edge, Marilyn Duffield Meko, Sandra Springer Hammons, Pam Hood Gunn, Lou Anne Reppard Hawkins, Larry Weekley, Bob Shreve, Suzanne Hull Skrzypek, Mike Miller, Charolette Staley Ludwig, (head turned in ball cap) Dale Anderson, John Bates, Perry Thorne, David Ballentine, Bob Phillips, Francis Long, Mary Pyles Kemp, Konnie Montgomery Blattler, Rose Stoneking, Sena Thorne, Mike Shuman, Margaret Quinn Kelly, Linda Amos Goddard, Joe Henthorn, Janice Homer Johnson, Jenny Bradfield Dinsmore.

The Reader High School Class of 1957 gathered for a luncheon at Presto's in New Martinsville on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. They also reserved a table at the banquet. Shown in the photo from the banquet are: First Row: James (Mike) Clark, Tom Fankhouser, Gracelea Bates Utt, Loretta Dawson Skidmore, Margaret Datwyler Daniels, Donald Howell. Second Row: Eva Hutson Pittman, James Pittman, Junior Daugherty, Loren Haught, Larry Hayes, Carl B. Haught. Not shown but present at both events are Bob & Clara Howell Haught and E. Max Rine.

Freda Gallagher Watts and Helen Dulaney Earley hosted a brunch at 10:30 a.m. at Freda's home on North Fork Road for the classmates of the PGHS Class of 1947. They also reserved a table at the banquet. Shown L to R in group pictures are: Front Row - Lute Springer, Ruth Kelly Bowen, Leora Long Barr, and Helen Dulaney Early. L to R Back Row - Dick Kirk, Roy Parsons, Betty Dennison Haught, Don Watts, Freda Gallagher Watts, Ruth West King, and Erma Barr Watts.

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