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The Gallery is be open Studio Hours are:
Monday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

September 2018
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Gallery Artists

Fern Christian
Linda Helgason
Gary Lapelle
Janet Lester
Tess Van Dijk



Renaissance Gallery Artists
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The Artists of the Renaissance

Fern Christian,

Director and abstract artist

(oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, teaching member)

Some of Fern's Colors

Bright, flowing colors converging into swirling masses, blooms exploding on the canvas. This describes the artwork of Fern Christian, founder and director of the Renaissance Art Gallery. She specializes in acrylic abstracts. She also teaches two painting classes a week, Monday mornings, 10-12 and Saturday mornings, 10-12. Both classes are open studio and continuing. Call Fern for more information.

Fern is a native of West Virginia. She graduated from Marshall University in 1968 and later earned thirty hours of post-graduate credit in studio painting. She belongs to the Tri-State Art Association, of which is a past president. A signature member of the West Virginia Watercolor Society, she is an accomplished painter in many media. Currently she serves as the Director of the Renaissance Art Gallery.

Fern is known for her vivid florals and vibrant abstracts.

Several of the Renaissance Painting classes are lead by Fern, and she has a loyal student following.

Gary Lapelle;

Pet Portraitist and Cartoonist (ink, watercolor)

Gary Lapelle was born and lives in Huntington, WV. He is a graduate of Art Instruction Schools, in cartooning and attended art classes at Marshall University. Gary is an accomplished illustrator and cartoonist. His cartoons illustrate many pamphlets and two books. Gary contracted polio at the age of three leaving him with paralyzed arms and limited use of his right hand. But this has not stopped him from creating art. Locally, his love of animals has helped him created portrait quality paintings of people’s pets. He still loves cartooning and creates whimsical drawings. He also custom designs cartoons upon request.

One of Gary's unique Pet Portraits

Gary Lapelle has earned a reputation for his commissioned pet portraits as well as his gentle humor and delightful cartoons. He works in colored inks and sells prints of his work at the Renaissance Gallery.

Linda Helgason;

(water media, drawing, print making, photography) For the past 20 years Linda Helgason has been making an unsystematic study of art by taking occasional classes at Marshal University in Huntington, WV and by drawing the figure at the Huntington museum of art. Her passion is for painting the nude in watercolor.

Janet Lester;

(watercolor) (portraits) (teaching member)

Janet is well known in the tri-state area for her portraits and as a first-class teacher. She is a member of the American Watercolor Society and has had work in numerous Shows and exhibitions.

Janet is an accomplished portrait artist

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